Reem Sameer Shaikh Biography | Age | Wiki | Personal Life

Reem Sameer Shaikh was born on 8th September 2002 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, into a “Muslim” family. She is the only child of her parents and don’t have any siblings. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Currently she is 16 years old (as of November 2018).

Prajakta Koli Wiki | Age | Boyfriend | Mostlysane | Biography

Prajakta Koli was born on 27th June 1993 in thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, into a “marathi” family. She belongs to “Koli” caste (the Original fishermen community in Maharashtra). Her zodiac sign is Cancer. Currently she is 26 years old (as of August 2019).

Mrunal Panchal Wiki | Age | Biography | Height

Mrunal panchal is a popular muser and fashion blogger also known with her nick name “mrunu” amongst her loved ones. She was born on 11 November 1999 in a Gujrati family. Her name means “Lotus” and currently she is 18 years old , as of Nov 2018. Her birth sign is “scorpio”. She has reached 1 million followers on her instagram account, in november 2018.