Alec Baldwin Family Brothers Wife Daughter and Kids

Alec Baldwin is an American actor, writer and political activist who is known for films like “Beetlejuice” & “Glengarry Glen Ross”. One of his best work came as playing “Jack Donaghy” on the NBC’s satirical TV Show “30 Rock”, winning him multiple Emmy, Golden Globe & SAG awards. Alec has also hosted SNL (Saturday Night Live) for a record 17 times.

Full NameAlexander Rae Baldwin III
Age 62 years old
Date of BirthApril 3, 1958
Height5 Feet 11 Inches (180.3 cm)
WifeHilaria Thomas (2012-Present), Kim Basinger (Divorced)
DaughtersIreland Baldwin, Carmen Baldwin
BrothersStephen, William & Daniel Baldwin
Net worth$60 million (USD)
PodcastHere’s The Thing
Alec Baldwin


Alec Baldwin was born on Thursday April 3, 1958, in Amityville, Suffolk County, New York and is the eldest and most successful of the 4 Baldwin Brothers. All of his other three brothers were born and raised in the Nassau Shores neighbourhood of Massapequa, Nassau County, New York.

Alec Baldwin’s Father was “Alexander Rae Baldwin Jr.” and his Mother is “Carol M. Baldwin” and together they had 6 children. Here’s the Baldwin Family tree:

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Alec Baldwin Family Tree

Daniel Leroy Baldwin is the second eldest (DOB – October 5, 1960) of the 4 Baldwin brothers. With 6ft 1 Inch height, Daniel is the second tallest of the 4 Baldwin brothers. Active since 1988, Daniel has worked in over 100 Movies and 15 TV Series. His most notable work includes “The Wisdom to Know the Difference” & “Net Worth” movie and “Homicide: Life on the Street” TV Show. With his Addiction and arrests records, Daniel Baldwin is the least popular Baldwin brother.

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Daniel Baldwin

William Joseph Baldwin (aka Billy Baldwin) is the second-youngest (DOB – February 21, 1963) of the four Baldwin brothers. With 6ft 2 Inch height, William is the Tallest of the 4 Baldwin Brother. Active since 1989, William has worked in over 50 Movies and 26 TV Shows. His most notable work includes “Flatliners” movie and TV Series like “Dirty Sexy Money”, “Too Old to Die Young” & “Northern Rescue”.

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William aka Billy Baldwin

Stephen Andrew Baldwin is the youngest (DOB – May 12, 1966) and 2nd most popular of the 4 Baldwin brothers. With 5ft 8 Inch Height, Stephen is also the shortest of the 4 Baldwin brothers. Active since 1987, Stephen has worked in over 50 Movies, 17 TV Shows & 3 Celebrity Reality shows. His most notable work includes movies like “The Usual Suspects”, “8 Seconds”, “Threesome” & “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas” and TV Show like “The Young Riders”.

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Stephen Baldwin With Daughter Hailey Baldwin Bieber



Alec met his first wife Kim Basinger on the set of 1991 romantic film “The Marrying Man”. Kim is an American actress and model who was hailed as a sex symbol of the 80s & 90s. Her most notable work came in “Never Say Never Again” as bond girl, “The Natural”, “9 1/2 Weeks”, “L.A. Confidential” & “Cellular”.

The 5 feet 7 ½ tall femme fatale has posed nude for a pictorial featured on Playboy February 1983 issue. She won the 1997 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, Golden Globe Awards & Academy Awards in the “Best Supporting Actress” category for her role of “Lynn Bracken” in neo-noir crime film “L.A. Confidential”.

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Alec Baldwin’s First Wife Kim Basinger

Her Marriage to Alec Baldwin was her second marriage after she divorced her first husband for 9 years “Ron Britton”, a make-up artist who she met on her debut film’s set.

Alec married Kim on August 19, 1993 and they had a daughter together, born on October 23, 1995 named “Ireland Eliesse Baldwin”. The couple separated in 2000 and finalized a divorce in the year 2002.


Ireland Basinger Baldwin is a 24 Years old American fashion model based in Los Angeles. The 6 Feet 1 Inch tall model is represented by “Milk Management” in UK, “Modelwerk” agency in Germany and “DT Model Management” modelling agency in United States.

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Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Ireland Basinger Baldwin


Alec (54 Years old at that time) got engaged with “Hilaria Thomas (28)”, a yoga instructor in April 2012 and married on June 30, 2012, at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York City.

Hilaria was born in Mallorca, Spain and grew up between Boston and Spain. The 5 Feet 4 Inch tall diva is a professionally trained “Latin ballroom dancer” since she was 13 and a Yoga instructor since 2005. Hilaria studied “dance and art history” at NYU and also has “Somatic Experiencing training”.

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Alec Baldwin’s Second and Current Wife Hilaria Thomas

Her marriage to Alec was her first marriage and together they have 1 daughter Carmen Gabriela Baldwin (born August 23, 2013) and 3 sons Rafael Thomas Baldwin (born June 17, 2015), Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin (born September 2016) and Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin (born May 2018).


Alec’s Daughter Carmen is currently studying in First grade while son Rafael and Leo are attending Pre-Kindergarten school.

Alec has recently mentioned that though her wife is all ready for a fifth child he thinks otherwise.

“When my kids graduate school, I’ll be 85” – Alec Baldwin on 5th Child

Alec also acknowledges the strong role and presence of his wife in the house.

“My kids, they love me, they think I’m great, and as soon as my wife walks in, they’re like, ‘OK, bye’ and they’re gone” – Alec Baldwin Joked about being the best parent.

Hilaria also acknowledged the love she shares with her step daughter “Ireland Baldwin” in an Instagram post from her official Instagram Handle (@hilariabaldwin).

“I rarely address being a stepmom, but it is part of our family. I always want to deal with it with such care…so often you hear horror stories about evil stepparents and I wanted to make sure I did right by the family I was stepping into when I married Alec. I love my stepdaughter as much as I love my biological children and I become a mommy lioness when I see comments that insinuate otherwise.

Having a stepchild is a delicate matter. Especially one who is grown. I think my relationship with her has been so successful because I never tried to step in as her mommy. She has a good mother, who I have tremendous respect for…and I put myself in Kim’s shoes: if my children ever had a stepmother, I’d want her to let me be number one. When I met Ireland, I said to Alec: if she is not OK with our relationship, I cannot go further. Family is first and she needed to be OK with me. We have never had a fight or a bad moment. Nor have I with her mother. Ireland and I love each other and she knows that I am here for her…and I know that she is here for me. I am inspired by her, look up to her (not just height wise 😂)…she gave her father away at our wedding, is the best big sister anyone could ask for…and I give her space. I don’t ever expect her to be anyone other than herself. As someone who loves her, my job was not to step in and take over…but rather respect what had been for the first 15 years of her life and then become a part of that, in a way that works for everyone. So yes, sometimes my language about my biological children does not include her. Because I did not birth her and I never want to disrespect the fact that she has a wonderful mother. But this will never take away from how much I love her, need her in my life, and think that she is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Please don’t look for trouble where there is none. Love you @irelandbasingerbaldwin …ps after writing this and using the word “step” so many times, I think I know why it is called a “stepparent” now 😂🤪🤔”

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