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Anand Ahuja Biography, Age, Marriage & Net Worth

Anand Ahuja Biography: The well known man is none other than the better half of our famous fashion Influencer and model, Sonam Kapoor. Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor got hitched recently in May 2018. They both claim to have been dating each other for a long time before their wedding. We cannot say much about Anand’s life but clearly he’s a billionaire and owns his own clothing brand, namely, Bhane.

Anand Ahuja was found wearing his shoes paired with a kurta payjama on his wedding day, which was being made fun of by the people but then, we have to agree that Sonam and her husband are alike in some ways including their sense of dressing. Some of us do not like her for her dressing sense which is unique. Yes it’s not good but us definitely unique. Same goes for her husband. He wears his shoes with everything and anyway rocks it.

Through social media, Anand is getting closer to Sonam’s father too, Anil Kapoor. According to a recent newspaper article, Anand and Sonam were seen together on rakshabandhan at Sonam’s sister Rhea Kapoor’s place. When Rhea and Anand kept it simple, Sonam rocked the occasion and party with her stunning bright yellow ethnic wear.

Clearly in the recent posts and pictures, Anand and Sonam seem too happy which makes them look like a perfect couple and definitely makes them the couple goals for many. If we go to their Instagram and other social media posts, Sonam and Anand both puts their couple pictures with a hashtag, everydayphenomental. If you look up the hashtag, you’ll find top posts of the couple.

Anand Ahuja Net Worth

Anand Ahuja, who runs his own business and looks older than his age is just 36 years old. He is a Delhi based entrepreneur and is earning in 6 digits per month. Damn? Yes, it’s true! Sonam married well, we must say. Since he always wanted to have his own business, he opened his first shoe store named, Veg-Nog-Veg. Now his clothing brand, Bhane, is one of the largest export companies in India with an annual turnover of $450 million. Unbelievable? Not at all. Now, after reading and knowing so much about Anand Ahuja, we hope you people have had high expectations from him that we are fulfilling with the further facts. Did you know that Anand Ahuja owns a property worth of 3000 million? Ok! Told you.

If we talk about how they got married, we must say, it’s a good match. After all, Sonam got a rich and good-looking husband with a dressing sense as similar as hers. While on the other hand, Anand got fame only after they two got married. Yes, if you check out his Instagram account, it is now verified with a blue tick and tick only appeared after they two got hitched. Before then, most of us didn’t know him.

During an interview, Anand said that Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are his favourite actresses (can’t tell if he called Sonam one because after all, she’s his wife or if he really adores her) and for actors, he’s too much into Dwayne Johnson, Hritik Roshan and Will Smith. Well done Mr. Ahuja! We appreciate your choice. When it comes to food, he loves to eat Acai Bowl and tells that Sonam is learning to cook that. Is that really true Sonam? Alongside with the food, Anand loves to play basketball. Nice choice!

In his different pictures, we find him wearing different types of shoes and the truth was recently revealed by him where he said that collecting shoes is one of his hobbies. Just so unique. Well, undoubtedly, Sonam’s all choices are unique and so, her choice’s choice has to be unique too. We are not shocked at all. Of all the places that Anand has traveled too, he loves New York and Europe the most. Again not surprised because Sonam and Anand have posted so many pictures from their New York and Europe trips that we already knew that.

Moving ahead to his educational background, Anand has completed his master’s degree in Business Administration and worked for some time in his uncle’s clothing company. Anand learned some new facts about business in that company. After that he worked as an intern in Amazon USA in 2011.


Talking about his personal life and relations, Anand Ahuja is really close to Pernia Quereshi who is Sonam’s close friend and a stylist.

Anand really loves his wife, Sonam Kapoor and even after being busy as an entrepreneur and managing director of his own clothing brand alongside managing the role MD of his family owned business, ‘Shahi-Exports’, he manages to spend quality time with his newly wedded wife.

Now you all might be getting curious to know how he and Sonam Kapoor met each other and got too close? Well, Anand, during the promotion of his clothing brand, Bhane, met Sonam Kapoor and only after a short conversation between the two, they started keeping in touch with each other too much and the fire of passion and love got ignited between them. It was in July, 2014, that Anand proposed to Sonam and she accepted it after a few months.

Both the families (Kapoor and Ahuja’s) supported them and only after dating for 4 years did they choose to get married. The marriage ceremony took place in Mumbai, the hometown of Sonam and it was a grand wedding. Not much from Anand’s side but a crowd was seen from Sonam’s side. It was a grand Bollywood wedding and could not leave the newspaper columns for less than two weeks. Anand and Sonam wanted it big and so it happened. All the big celebrities were seen in their wedding and after all, we cannot refuse the fact that the Kapoor family is already too big with most of the superstars in one place.

Fun fact is that, nowadays, Anand Ahuja’s brand is a part of Sonam Kapoor’s wardrobe and if this is not a couple goal, we don’t know what is. The couple has not yet planned a child and Anand very easily shifted the topic when being asked about having a child or planning it. Right now, Anand is just so happy with his life and is busy traveling the world with Sonam.

We wish them a very happy married life and blessings for their future and the child(if they plan to have any). Anand and Sonam are perfect for each other and each day, we can clearly see them rise together.

Sonam, Anand is a really good choice for you. Keep it up! Blessings you way!

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