Ashley Resch

Ashley Resch is an Internationally Published Canadian Model, Fitness Coach, Viral TikToker and the Owner of Reach with Resch. The Icelandic tattooed model has been published over by more than 75 renowned publications like- The richest, Sports Illustrated, Glam girl live, TheChive, Skyn & Inked Magazine. Ashley is also an Instagram sensation wildly popular for her hot IG pics via her Official Instagram @ashleyresch.


Ashley Resch was born on April 26, 1996 in Calgary city in the western Canadian province of Alberta. She grew up there and her current residence is also in Calgary. She is of Icelandic, German & Scottish descent and her Nationality is Canadian. An Astrophile & strong believer in astrology & karma, Ashley’s Zodiac sign is Taurus.

Ashley Resch never disappoints when it comes to flaunting her curves online, where the fans of this glamour model are drooling over her exquisite body figure measurements of 34-27-35. Ashley is not a very tall model and her Height is 5 feet 4 Inches or 162 ½ in cm. She maintained an ideal body weight of 132 pounds for the last two years.

First NameAshley
Last NameResch
Date of Birth26 April 1996
Age24 Years old (as of 2020)
Current ResidenceCalgary, Alberta
EthnicityIcelandic, German & Scottish
Height5’4” (1.62m tall)
Weight60 Kg
Body Measurements34”-27”-35” (US)
ProfessionGlamour Model & entrepreneur
TattoosMore than 10 Tattoos
Net Worth$ 1.2 Million USD
Marital statusSingle
Ashley Resch Model Profile & Wiki Facts

Ashley got into fitness to get back at her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her and while attaining the “Revenge Body”, she fell in love with the whole fitness regime. Now she does modelling full time and owns reach with resch fitness app, where she trains women with her Fitness and diet programs. Her latest project is “highlight group”, where she provides online/in-person model mentorship & Model coaching-photographer @$75 and a chance to shoot with Ashley Resch.

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Net worth of Canadian Instagram star and fitness model Ashley Resch is $1,200,000 in 2020. She makes majority of her money through modelling, photoshoots & sponsorships, followed by selling her exclusive Only Fans content and merchandise.

Ashley Resch Instagram Income

Ashley has done paid partnerships & influencer work for many fashion brands via her Instagram like ShopAkira, Kappa USA sportswear, GOAT Sneakers, BOUTINE LA Swimwear, Icon Swim bikinis and women’s clothing brand PrettyLittleThing. She is also a “Nova Babe”, earning $1000 per brand promotion for Fashion Nova online store.

Majority of Ashley Resch’s followers are Male in the age group of 25-34. Top 5 countries where she has most number of followers are USA, Mexico, India, Brazil and Canada.

Official IG Handle@ashleyresch
Verified/Non VerifiedNot Verified as of 2020
Influencer StatusMacro Influencer
Engagement Rate (ER)1.40%
Average Likes/Post13,000
Average Comments/Post250
Average Post/week2-3
Estimated Post Value$2500/post
IG collaborations
Business Instagram@reachwithresch

Ashley Resch TikTok Earning

Ashley’s popularity skyrocketed in 2020, all thanks to her tantalizing videos on lip-syncing app TikTok, where the diva has around 80K Followers, receiving 280K hearts. Her official TikTok account (@ashley.resch) has an excellent engagement rate of 5.5% and her estimated Platform earning is $500/post.


Tattoo #1 inked number “826” behind her ear that represents her birthday followed by her pet dog Kash’s birthday

Tattoo #2&3 Ashley got a tattoo of a “knife” on her right hand index finger and a “snake” tattoo on her left hand middle finger

Tattoo #4 She inked alphabet “A” on her right hand wrist representing her best friend “Ally”

Tattoo #5 Ashley tattooed her uncle’s name “Randy”, on front side of her left elbow, remembering her mentor who unfortunately passed away.

Tattoo #6 &7 Ashley Resch also has a beautiful floral design tattooed on side of her ribs below a “Fern leaf” tattoo she got while backpacking in New Zealand. The floral design tattoo is covering her first ever tattoo she got when she was 16 years old.

Tattoo #8 Ashley inked her first big piece tattoo on her right thigh. It is a beautiful Icelandic Compass Tattoo surrounded by four roses and a Robert Munsch Quote below that reads: “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” Telling the reason for the tattoo, Ashley Resch explains that the symbolic compass tattoo is a Norse protection symbol called Vegvísir and since her mother & she are Icelandic, it means a lot to her. The four roses represents each of her family members (Ashley, her parents & her brother). The Quote is a special bond with her mother who read her that, when she was little.

Tattoo #9 Ashley Resch recently got a leg sleeve tattoo on her inner right thigh. She inked the fierce Icelandic women tattoo representing herself, reminding her of her roots and what a curvy, hot and badass babe she is.

Tattoo #10 Updating her Tattoo collection, Ashley inked the words “You Won’t go Lonely”


Has Ashley Resch done Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Model and Fitness guru Ashley Resch has done multiple plastic surgeries. She got breast-implants when she was 17 years old. She saved money from her summer job to get it done. She likes big full lips look and had got multiple lip filler injection to plump and define her lips

Is Ashley Resch Married?

No, Canadian Bombshell Ashley Resch is not in any relationship in 2020. Ashley had a boyfriend in her teen but they separated on painful terms. The hopeless romantic biggest goal in life is a Healthy marriage and a healthy family.

Is Ashley Resch’s Only Fan membership worth it?

Yes, Ashley Resch’s Only fan page is totally worth it. She has posted over 3000 photographs and 140 Videos and has a free Only Fans membership.


  • She is a Dog person and her pet’s name is Kash, which is a golden retriever and a poodle mix breed dog
  • Before modelling, Ashley Resch actually trained for Irish Celtic dancing for 10 years from 5 years to 16 years of age, before she got injured.
  • Model Ashley Resch had severe anxiety, depression and PTSD issues in the past but hitting the gym really helped her. She also has a very poor eye sight and considering LASIK surgery.
  • The stunning model is also suffering from Epileptic seizures and have been in remission for over 15 years
  • In school, Ashley played basketball, baseball and football. She entered the Flag football team as they have the best jersey’s.
  • Ashley is an Astrophile, and totally obsessed with stars constellation and cosmos in space.
  • Ashley has a Spotify playlist named “Energy” that includes her favorite music collection from soul & indie genre. She also adores alternative rock music, especially the rock bands Mumford & Sons, Arkells and Pop band Imagine Dragons
  • Ashley Resch is a true crime buff and loves reading books, podcasts and blog related to true crime. No wonder her favorite film genre is Horror.
  • Favorite book: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by by Michelle McNamara
  • Favorite Author: American writer Gillian Flynn
  • Favorite TV Shows: Mind hunter, The office & How I met your mother
  • Favorite actress: Margot Robbie
  • Favorite actor: Ben stiller
  • Favorite Beverages: Kombucha, Wine, Beer and occasional bourbon
  • Ashley also loves poems, especially Whiskey Mind Sober Heart & Whiskey Words & a Shovel by author R. H. Sin
  • Ashley Resch is currently doing part-time college, studying gender studies and sociology from school for women. It was originally political science but then she changed her double major into sociology. She is doing great in college keeping a high GPA of 3.5
  • Ashley’s biggest challenge in life was overcoming her Alcohol problem. She visited therapists and attended AA meetings and is currently sober
  • Her favorite animal are Elephants
  • Ashley Resch went to band camps every single year in middle school and learned to play four musical instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Piano and Guitar. She can also read Music.
  •  She had done 9 piercings in her body including belly button piercing and ear piercings.
  • Favorite Destination: North shore of Oahu
  • Favorite Sports Team: Ice Hocky teams Calgary Flames & San Jose Sharks. Golden State Warriors in Basketball and Kansas City Chiefs in football
  • Favorite Fashion Brands: Nike & Louis Vuitton


Print/ Other Publications: 

  • Inside Fitness Hot & Fit 100- 2016 Edition
  • Model Throwdown
  • Luxe Magazine Calgary 2013 & 2014
  • Stampedes Hottest Girls 2015
  • Sixty6 Magazine- Print Issue 7

Music Videos:

  • Young Bucky- First Date
  • The King of Calgary- Running in My Shoes


  • Babes In Toyland

Fashion Shows:

  • Black Tape Project: New Jersey 2019
  • Black Tape Project: Jamaica 2018


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