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Shooting for Lethal White was wrapped in December 2019 and the show may premiere in June 2020

Is there a C.B. Strike season 4? Are detective partners Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott coming back for a fourth season? Every fan of this BBC & Cinemax’s classic contemporary crime drama are waiting for the fourth book in the “Cormoran Strike series” titled “Lethal White” to be adapted into the fourth season of “C.B. Srike”, a BBC One original. The good news is the wait is almost over as shooting was wrapped back in December 2019.

C.B. Strike: Lethal White

Release date June 2020 (Expected)
Episodes 4
Genres TV Crime Dramas, TV Mystery
Watch Online Available on Cinemax, Hulu, Amazon & Vudu
Starring Tom Burke, Holliday Grainger, Kerr Logan, Natasha O’Keeffe and Killian Scott
Age Rating TV-MA
Based On Lethal White by J.K. Rowling
C.B. Strike Season 4 is expected for a June 2020 Release (Image Courtesy Twitter – @BronteFilmandTV)

The series’ first season titled “Strike”, originally aired for UK viewers in BBC One on August 27, 2017. In USA & Canada, the series was premiered on 1st June 2018 on HBO’s Cinemax network and on “HBO Canada”, under a revised title “C.B. Strike”.



C.B. Strike or Strike TV show is based on the “Detective Cormoran Strike series” books by British author “Robert Galbraith”, which is a pseudonym of acclaimed author J.K. Rowling. The series currently consist of 4 books, the first three of which, were already adapted into season 1-3 of “C.B. Strike”.

Cormoran Strike Books Season adaptation Episodes
STRIKE 1: The Cuckoo’s Calling Season 1 3
STRIKE 2: The Silkworm Season 2 2
STRIKE 3: Career of Evil Season 3 2
STRIKE 4: Lethal White Season 4 4

With 656 pages, Lethal White, is the longest of the Strike series novels and so the 4th season of TV series will also going to have more episodes.

On top of that, J.K. Rowling has announced that she plans to write more than 7 Cormoran Strike novels, so the TV series can very well span from season 5 to anywhere where Rowling or BBC stops.

In October 2018, BBC announced a 60 minutes-4 episodes 4th season of “Strike”, directed by “Sue Tully”. In September 2019, shooting begins in London and countryside and in December 2019 Brontë Film and Television announced through their Twitter that the shooting for Lethal White is now wrapped. The tweet reads:

“Crack open the champers, because THAT’S A WRAP on Lethal White! (But more behind-the-scenes pics to come!)”

The fourth season is produced by British production company “Brontë Film and Television” whereas HBO continues to co-produce for the US and Canadian market.

On 28 March 2020, Brontë Film and Television, announced through their Twitter that their team is currently working on the post production from home, amid coronavirus pandemic and that the show will hit the TV screen soon. The tweet reads:

“Hope you’ve all got a good view from your window this weekend. The Brontë team are still working hard (from home!) to bring Lethal White to your screens. #StayAtHome”


Are detective partners Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott coming back for a fourth season? Definitely, YES. London born British actor “Tom Burke” who played the role of a war veteran amputee Private Investigator “Cormoran Strike” and British actress “Holliday Clark Grainger” who played the role of his charming assistant “Robin Ellacott” are the lead cast in the fourth instalment of the “C.B. Strike” TV series.

Actor “Kerr Logan” & “Natasha O’Keeffe” will reprise their role as Robin’s husband “Matthew Cunliffe” & Strike’s Ex “Charlotte Campbell”, respectively. The personal life of both Cormoran and Robin is going to be strained in “Lethal White”. Robin has to balance his work and private life whereas Cormoran girlfriend tells him that she loves him plus his Ex Charlotte is pregnant now and comes back in the picture.

British actor “Joseph Quinn” is also going to play a pivotal role of “Billy Knight” in Lethal White, whose case is going to set off this labyrinthine investigation.

C.B. Strike Lethal White (Season 4) Cast:

Lethal White Cast Role
Tom Burke Cormoran Strike
Holliday Clark Grainger Robin Ellacott
Kerr Logan Matthew Cunliffe
Natasha O’Keeffe Charlotte Campbell
Killian Scott D.I. Eric Wardle
Joseph Quinn Billy Knight
Robert Glenister Jasper Chiswell
Nick Blood Jimmy Knight



Strike season 4 will adapt Rowling’s “Lethal White” book of the “Cormoran Strike series”, her favourite of the 4 published books. The plotline will follow three main story arcs; the main murder case given by “Billy Knight”, at the centre, a blackmailing case and the developments in Strike and Robin’s personal lives.

“Lethal White is the name of a fatal birth abnormality in horses, but I’ll leave it to readers to decide what other interpretations it could have in the context of this plot” – J.K. Rowling

Billy Knight visits PI Cormoran Strike’s Denmark Street office and tells the story of a child he saw strangled many years ago. Cormoran is simultaneously hired by “Jasper Chiswell”, a government minister, to investigate Billy’s brother, Jimmy Knight, who he claims, is blackmailing him.

Strike seeks help from D.I. Eric Wardle and goes on a wild chase from London to the countryside while Robin goes undercover in the House of Commons and the hunt to catch the culprits begins.

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