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Can Yaman, the popular Turkish actor starring in “Erkenci Kuş”, was born on 08 November 1989 in Suadiye, Istanbul, Turkey. He triumphed over the likes of “Jensen Ackles” to win the title of “2019’s TV’s Top Leading Man”; continuing his rise to stardom after winning the “GQ 2018 Men of the year- Turkey” last year. Can Yaman’s current age is 31 years (as of December 2019) and his zodiac sign is “Scorpio”.

Wiki – Biography

ProfessionTurkish Actor & Model
Height183 in Cm & 6 ft
Birthday8 Nov 1989
CountryIstanbul, Turkey
Weight95 Kg


Can Yaman father’s name is “Güven Yaman”, who was a custom agents while her mother’s name is “Güldem can”, an executive assistant. They lived on the Bağdat Avenue, Istanbul and ‘Can’ was their only child. When he was around four or five year’s old, his parents have divorced but still he shares a loving relationship with both of them.

Can Yaman is of Albanian descent from his father side. His Albanian grandfather grew up in Pristina, Kosovo while his grandmother hails from Skopje in North Macedonia. They immigrated to Istanbul in 1959. His uncle “Fuat Yaman” is a well-known Turkish football coach, currently employed as the coach of the “Konyaspo FC”.

‘Can’ did his elementary and secondary schooling from “Bilfen College” and then high school education from “Italian High school/Liceo Italiano IMI” in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. He loved playing Basketball and during his high school days loved spending all his evening at ‘Tekelspor league club’, till midnight.

He was an avid reader and a polyglot, speaking fluent Turkish, English, German and Italian. He developed leaning towards learning foreign languages early in his school years. In his school days he liked reading German philosopher’s “Arthur Schopenhauer” and “Friedrich Nietzsche”. He also loved reading the work of American existential psychiatrist “Irvin D. Yalom”.

He secured an average marks of 92.56 in high school, finishing with highest grade in the ‘Italian high school’. As a result, in his last year, he was selected for scholarship and moved to Ohio, USA, as an exchange student. He returned early and joined the second semester, studied rigorously for two three months, preparing for college.

Can Yaman pic Without beard (image courtesy instagram – @canyaman)

Education – Colleges Details – Handsome Lawyer

Can went to “Yeditepe University’s Faculty of Law” with a basketball scholarship and graduated in year 2012. During his graduation he attented acting lessons from “Cüneyt Sayıl”, as a hobby. After graduation in 2013, at age 24, he did an internship for 1 year, dealing primarily with criminal law. He then started working at multinational PWC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) in Akaretler, İstanbul, Turkey; writing articles on taxes.

Can worked at the audit firm for six months and then co-incidentally met with his teacher and now manager Cüneyt Sayıl” and decided to follow acting as a full time career.

In September 2017, Can was enrolled in the “Hotel Management Postgraduate Program” at EMU (Eastern Mediterranean University’s) Tourism Faculty.

Apart from playing football and basketball, can loved to exercise to keep his physique brawny. The 183 cm tall hunk weigh around 70 kgHe follow strict daily routine of 30 minutes of cross fit, 1 hour of boxing, some martial arts and calisthenics exercises. He trains under coach “Umut Duygu”. As for his diet, Can follows a balanced diet rich in fats, proteins and carbohydrates. He includes spices like flaxseed, cumin and Garlic to strengthen his immune system; magnesium, omega 3 and red ginseng for micronutrients; eggs, oatmeal, nuts and artichokes are vitally important diet part.


In 2014, Can Yaman made his small screen debut with the 28 episodes TV series “Gönül İşleri (Affairs of the heart), directed by “Türkan Derya”; where the ups and downs in relationship between his supporting character “Bedir” and “Sinem Kobal’s” lead character “Sevda” captured the audience’s imagination.

In 2015, he got the male lead role of “Yalın Aras”, opposite actress “Açelya Topaloğlu” in the 32 episodes TV series “İnadına Aşk (Love out of spite)”, directed by “Osman Sinav”. Yaman received a phenomenon fan following after portraying the character “Yalın Aras”.

In 2016, Can played the lead role of “Tarik Çam”, opposite actress “Yeliz Kuvancı” in the TV series “Hangimiz sevmedik? (Which of us did not love)”, directed by “Metin Balekoğlu’nun”.

The Turkish heartthrob then appeared in 26 episode rom-com titled “Dolunay (Full Moon)” in 2017. He portrayed the character “Ferit Aslan” in the television series opposite actress “Ozge Gurel”. The show has its own YouTube channel titled “Dolunay” with over 580 K subscribers.

Then in 2018-2019, he played the role of “Can Divit”, opposite actress “Demet Özdemir”, who played the role of “Sanem Aydın” in the 51 episode superhit TV series “Erkenci Kus (in English: Early Bird aka Daydreamer)”.

Erkenci Kus (in English: Early Bird) follows Sanem, a young girl with aspirations of becoming a writer, who is forced by her parents to choose between an arranged marriage and finding a proper job. Rushing into a new job at an advertising company, she soon falls for her boss.”

The full series is available on Youtube through the show’s official page “Erkenci Kuş”, which has over 1.8 Million subscribers.

Apart from acting in Turkish dramas, Can Yaman is a very successful professional Model. He has walked the ramp for many famous international designers and seen on the cover of prestigious magazines like:

tp Magazine [Spain]December 9 2019 Issue
Cuore Magazine [Spain]December 4 2019 Issue
Hello! Magazine [Greece]November 27 2019 Issue
Hello! Magazine [Turkey]November 6 2019 Issue
Noir Magazine [Turkey]December 2018 Issue
GQ Magazine [Turkey]January 2019 Issue
Hello! Magazine [Turkey]August 22 2018 Issue
Latino Paraiso Magazine [Russia]August 20 2018 Issue
Men’s Health Magazine [Turkey]August 2018 Issue
Istanbul Life Magazine [Turkey]July 2018 Issue
Alem Man Magazine [Turkey]December 2017 Issue
Istanbul Life Magazine [Turkey]November 2017 Issue
beMAN Magazine [Turkey]September 2017 Issue
Ege Life Magazine [Turkey]September 2015 Issue

He also endorsed “Desa Leather” and was seen in their 2018 Ad Campaign, as a model.

Can Yaman (Image cortesy instagram- @canyaman)


On the set of “İnadına Aşk (Love out of spite)”, Can Yaman dated his co-actress “Açelya Topaloğlu” for some time. This short lived romantic relationships was rumoured to be very passionate and the same was reflected on screen in the TV series. The kiss of “Yalin” and “Defne” blew up on the Turkish social network and became the most discussed topic amongst the youth, especially girls.

During 2016-17, he dated actress “Bestemsu Ozdemir” for about eight months, but in December, 2017 the actress announced that they broke up.

He was then linked with style consultant “Rabia Yaman”, who has been in a relationship with actor “Şükrü Özyıldız: in the past. But both of them denied this rumoured affair.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Can Yaman is between 8-10 Million USD. Although the handsome Turkish actor is making a decent amount of money per year but the crypto influencers are making a huge chunk. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, checkout Gavin Wood Net Worth along with his career details.

Can Yaman & Demet Özdemir’s Relationship:

In 2018, the Turkish media speculated that Can yaman is secretly dating his “Erkenci Kus” co-actress “Demet Özdemir”. Both the stars never openly denied their relationship but they were secretive about it. In august of 2019, both Can Yaman and Demet shared pics of their summer vacation and it didn’t take long by media and fans to notice the similarity of the place and to infer that they were together.

Can Yaman & Demet Özdemir’s pic (Image Courtesy Instagram -@canyaman)


Can had been the buzz of Turkish entertainment media in 2019, but not always for the right reasons. First he upset some fans when he compared himself much bigger and popular than Turkish star “Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ”. Then he made a statement that only a “high libido” of the leading pair in a series guarantees success and that there will be no success if the libido of the actress is low. He didn’t stopped there and cited the example of his former co-star “Selen Soyder”, as an example. Then he outraged “Demet Ozdemir” by praising her for her “high libido”.

The Turkish people on social media were also engaged by his supposedly funny reply “Come backstage I’ll show you”, when a fan in Spain asked him “how will he prove that he was born on Earth, as he is so perfect”.

Can Yaman was sentenced to a judicial fine of 87 days with 7,830 pounds fine for throwing glasses at his co-star “Selen Soyder” on the set two years ago.

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