Cihan Ercan, Biography, Wiki, Girlfriend & Career Details

Cihan Ercan is best known to be working in television shows and films. He has played some of the important role as M.Cihan Ercan in Ben De Ozledim, Erol Sarihan in the series no. 309, He was starred with Hande Dogandemir and CengisĀ  Bozkurt in Bana Masal Anlatma. He is one of the famous celebrity who is popular as a TV actor.

Akshay Kumar, Wiki, Biography, Age, Marriage & Bollywood Career Details

The leading actor Akshay Kumar is well known as the superstar of Bollywood industry. Who doesn’t know him? Well, he is the one whose movies are concerned with social issues. His concepts are unique and his choice of scripts is amazing. Akshay Kumar chooses a very familiar topic to be showcased and his movies are always interesting to watch. They are usually comedy and emotional.

Hugh Jackman, Biography, Age, Marriage And Acting Career

Hugh Jackman Biography: Every child of each generation has a favorite superhero who the adore and look up to and many actors are the vessels of such personality. Some are known as one of the best portrayal of such superhero such as Christian Bale’s Batman, which was considered as the best portrayal of Batman within the likes of other actors like George Clooney and Michael Keaton who previously had the role.

Tiger Shroff, Biography, Girlfriend, Movies & Family Details

Tiger Shroff Biography : You all would be really shocked to know that the full name of Tiger Shroff is Jai Hemant Shroff. Yes, the taekwondo expert son of Jackie Shroff and Aayesha Dutt. Undoubtedly the actor is good with his action films but his acting skills lack somewhere. The reason for which he is still working for the Bollywood industry without any critics is that her father is a well-known actor and his mother is a producer. Shroff never dreamt of any other career I it wasn’t acting. Since his birth (March 2, 1990), he only wished to become an actor. Initially, he practised taekwondo then appeared in movies.

Karan Deol, Biography, Family And Professional Life

Karan Deol, the 27 yr old to be a superstar is none other than the very first son of our ‘dhai kilo ka haath‘ superstar, Sunny Deol. Karan Deol is now 27 years old and Sunny Deol is introducing him to the Bollywood industry slowly. Karan Deol, like his father, is smart, tall and handsome. The Bollywood industry just got a new gem and everyone is having high expectations from Karan Deol. And why should they not? After all, he is the son of one of the best actors that Bollywood industry ever got, Sunny Deol.

Nawab Shah, Biography, Age And Acting Career

Nawab Shah is a well known Indian actor who worked in various Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil films. His notable works include Don 2 and Tour Zinda Hai. Not to forget, Nawab Shah was already famously known for his roles in different television series. He was always into acting. Nawab Shah was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Sehban Azim, Biography, Age & Career Details

Sehban Azim is none other than our very own Kabir Katyal from Thapki Pyar Ki. The 33-year-old actor is as young as a 21-year-old. With flawless skin and perfect body structure, he also works as a part-time model for a few shots. The actor is not much height. He is 5’8″ with a weight if 70 kg. Sehban Azim has those perfect brown eyes matching with his black hair that may mesmerize anyone.

Salman Khan Biography, Age, Movies, Girlfriend & Family Details

The well-known actor Salman Khan is doing wonders in the Bollywood industry. He is known among one of the best superstars and also one of the five Khan actors with whom, actresses work hard to get into a movie, followed by, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Imran Khan and Saif Ali Khan. While talking about Salman Khan, the actor is of great talents. You might be already too excited but wait, hold your horses. Go ahead and read more about him in details. All you know is the rumours being spread about him but we will tell you the exact details with reasons.