Chou Tzuyu

Chou Tzuyu, the chewy ‘Taiwanese pride’ in the South Korean nine girl K-Pop group called “TWICE”, is the youngest member and lead dancer in the group. The only Taiwanese member in the group, the powerhouse Maknae, known for her perfect body proportions at such a young age, is ranked 1st on TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2019”.

Chou Tzuyu was born on Monday, June 14, 1999 in “East District” of “Tainan city” of Taiwan. Tzuyu (쯔위) is her stage name, while her original Taiwanese birth name is “Zhōuzi yú (周子瑜)” and she goes by her full Korean name as “Chou Tzu Yu (저우쯔위)”.

How to pronounce Twice’s Chou Tzuyu name in Korean and Chinese?

Her full Korean name is 저우쯔위, written out literally as “Jeo U Jjeu Wie”. In Hangul, 쓰위, spelled in romanized as “tzuwie” but is pronounced “jjeu wie”, as we know, there’s no “z” sound in Korean, hence we frequently hear her name as “Joo-wi”, “Choo-Wei” or “Chewy”.

In standard pinyin, her name would be “Zhōu Zi Yú”. In Chinese, “Zǐ” is NOT read as “Zee” so it’s pronounced more like “Tzz-yoo”.

Tzuyu also goes by nicknames “Chocolate (초콜릿)” because of her dark skin, “Chewy” because that’s how most of her non-Korean fans hear her name pronounced and “Yoda (요다)” because of her pointy ears and huge, beautiful eyes have provoked comparisons with Yoda. It’s was actually TWICE leader and main vocalist “Jihyo (지효)”, who gave Tzuyu her nickname “Yoda”. Tzuyu grew fond of the name and started appearing in fan meetings with Star Wars toys like Yoda necklace, hat and baby yoda. Her zodiac sign is “Gemini” and currently she is 20 years old (as of January 2020).

Birthday June 14, 1999
Age 20 years old
English name Sally
Nationality Taiwanese
Height 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches)
Weight 48 kg (106 lbs)
Blood Group A
Twice Group Position Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae
Fandom Once
Chou Tzuyu (Image Courtesy JYPE)


Tzuyu’s Father name is “Zhōu yìchéng (义成)” and her mother’s name is “Huáng yànlíng (艳玲)” and also had an elder brother who likes to remain low key. Both her parents are entrepreneurs, investing in different business profiles. Her father Zhōu yìchéng entered the cosmetics industry some two decades ago and is currently the head of “Jiaxi Co. Ltd” that deals with slimming beauty industry and cosmetics wholesale and retail.

Her mother Huáng yànlíng is the CEO (chief executive officer) of “Shouxigel Plastic Surgery Clinic ”. The clinic offers micro plastic surgery (like Botox treatment), laser treatment (like tattoo removal etc.) and aesthetic surgery, making dream come true for customers to look beautiful even without no makeup. Jiaxi’s cosmetics and beauty courses are both sold through e-commerce websites and via “Shouxigel Plastic Surgery Clinic”. The clinic is currently operating through three branches in Taiwan:

  1. TAICHUNG DADUN BRANCH, No. 939, Dadun Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
  1. TAINAN QIJIAN STORE, 676 Yuyi Road, East District, Tainan City
  1. KAOHSIUNG YUCHENG STORE, 2040 Yucheng Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung


Though Tzuyu mother is the CEO of the clinic franchise, the family doesn’t completely own all the stores, rather they are shareholders in it, with a major capital in the largest clinic of them, the Tainan Qijian store. It is estimated that her family has invested around 4-5 million Yuan in “Jiaxi Cosmetics” and around 30 million Yuan in the three aesthetic and beauty clinics.

Apart from these, her parents owns and run a café called “SoSee Cofee” in Taiwan. The café (Shǒu xǐ kāfēi in Chinese) is located at “No. 375, Yunong Road, East District, Tainan 701 Taiwan” and is a must-go destination for ONCEs. The walls are filled with Twice posters and fan-art, hand-signed by the Twice members; their music is played out loud on TV and if one is lucky, they get to meet Tzuyu’s celebrity dog named “GUCCI”.



Tzuyu took admission in “Tainan Fuxing National Middle School”, No.62 Yuwen Road, East District, Tainan City, Taiwan, for her primary and junior high school education. But in December 2012, when she was in her first year of middle school, the 13 year old Tzuyu had to leave her school in Taiwan when she was selected as a JYP trainee in South Korea.

When she arrived in Korea, she took admission in “Seoul Overseas Chinese High School/ Hanseong Chinese Middle and High School”, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The school follows the curriculum of the ROC, and accordingly uses textbooks from Taiwan. Tzuyu attended the school during the day and then had to attend her dance training practise late into the night. Apart from that she had to give ample amount of time to learn Korean quickly, a foreign language to her, all at the age of 13, away from her parents.

In March 2016, 16 year old Tzuyu returned to Taiwan to participate in the “National Junior High School Power Appraisal Test” that tests 5 subjects- Chinese, mathematics, English, society, nature and life technology. She passed the exam and was eligible to use her score to apply to study in a senior high school in Korea, but missed admission. So she had to take an additional screening test to enter high school in Korea, and as a result, got admission in “Hanlim Multi Art School”, Songpa District in Seoul, South Korea.

Then On February 12th, 2019, she graduated from “Hanlim Multi Art School”. Fellow TWICE member “Chaeyoung (채영)”, who was her roommate in the school, graduated with her along with 17 other K-Pop Idols; which were “MOMOLAND’S” Nancy and JooE, “LipBubble‘s” EunByul, “Fromis_9‘s” ChaeYoung, “DreamNote‘s” Miso, “Golden Child‘s” BoMin, “TRCNG‘s” JiSung and HyunWoo, “ASTRO‘s” SanHa, “IZ*ONE‘s” Kim ChaeWon, “THE BOYZ‘s” Hwall and SunWoo, “Produce 48’s” Go YuJin, Son EunChae and Han ChoWon, “GWSN‘s” Anne and “NewKidd‘s” JinKwon.




Tzuyu is quite reserved and soft spoken in general but when it comes to dancing she is a completely different person. Dancing was her passion right from the start, in Kindergarten she started learning ballet, and then during the elementary school and the junior high school she learned hip-hop.

In early 2012, Tzuyu ’s achievement exhibition at “MUSE Performing Arts Center, Tainan” was seen by JYP’s scouts and then they came to see Tzuyu’s live dance practice. Impressed by it, the staff of JYP shot a live improvisation video of Tzuyu on the same day. After about half a month later, JYP called and told her that she was selected to become a trainee in South Korea. In December 2012, Tzuyu, 13, said goodbye to her friends and family in Taiwan and flew to South Korea.

In 2014, Tzuyu appeared for a split second cameo in GOT7’s song “Stop Stop It”.

In 2015, Tzuyu appeared as a random person in “Only You” music video of senior JYP group called Miss A (미쓰에이).



In April 13, 2015, JYP Entertainment (JYPE) released profiles of the 16 trainees, competing in the 10 episode ‘reality girl group survival show’ called “SIXTEEN (식스틴)” to secure a spot in their upcoming new girl group called “TWICE (트와이스)”.

7 members, Nayeon (나연), Jihyo (지효), Mina (미나), Dahyun (다현), Jeongyeon (정연), Chaeyoung (채영), and Sana (사나) were declared the winners of the competition on the final episode. Then it was announced that Twice is going to be a 9 member group with Tzuyu (쯔위) added from audience’s opinion through online voting and eliminated contestant Momo (모모) solely based on Trainer JYP (Park Jin-young’s) opinion.

The 9 member group debuted with their EP “The Story Begins” on October 20, 2015. Twice K-pop fandom is known as “ONCE”, with unofficial tagline “ONCE THERE WERE TWICE”


TWICE Tzuyu’s all Songs list:


2.    Do It Again (다시 해줘)

3.    Going Crazy (미쳤나봐)

4.    Truth

5.    CandyBoy

6.    Like a Fool

PAGE TWO 1.     Cheer Up

2.    Precious Love (소중한 사랑)

3.    Touchdown

4.    Tuk Tok (툭하면 톡 )

5.    WooHoo

6.    My Headphones On (Headphone 써)

7.    I’m Gonna be a Star


2.    1 to 10

3.    Jelly Jelly

4.    Pit-a-Pat

5.    Ponytail

6.    One in a Million

7.    Next Page

TWICE COASTER : LANE 2 1.     Knock-Knock

2.    Ice Cream 녹아요

SIGNAL 1.     Only 너 (Only You)

2.    Hold me Tight

3.    Three times a day (하루에 세번)

4.    Signal

5.    Eyes eyes eyes

6.    Someone like me

#TWICE 1.     Like ooh-aah (Japanese Version)

2.    Cheer up (Japanese version)

3.    TT (Japanese version)

4.    Knock-Knock (Japanese version)

5.    Signal (Japanese version)

And the original Korean version of these songs

ONE MORE TIME 1.     One more time

2.    Luv me

TWICETAGRAM 1.     Likey

2.    Turtle (거북이)

3.    Wow

4.    Missing You

5.    24/7

6.    FFW

7.    Ding Dong

8.    Look at me (날 바라바라봐)

9.    Rollin’

10. 힘내! (DON’T GIVE UP)

11.  널 내게 담아 (YOU IN MY HEART)

12. Love line

13. Jaljayo Good Night (잘자요 굿나잇)

MERRY & HAPPY 1.     Heart Shaker

2.    Merry & Happy

CANDY POP 1.     Candy Pop

2.    Brand new girl

WHAT IS LOVE? 1.     What is love?

2.    Dejavu

3.    Stuck

4.    HO!

5.    Sweet talker

6.    Say yes

WAKE ME UP 1.     Wake me up

2.    Pink Lemonade

SUMMER NIGHTS 1.     Dance the night away

2.    Chillax

3.    Shot thru the heart

BDZ 1.     BDZ

2.    L.O.V.E

3.    Wishing

4.    Say it again

5.    Be as one

6.    I want you back

YES OR YES 1.     Yes or Yes

2.    Lalala

3.    Say you love me

4.    Young and wild

5.    Sunset

6.    After moon

THE YEAR OF YES 1.     The Best Thing I Ever Did (올해 제일 잘한 일)

2.    Be as one (Korean version)

3.    BDZ (Korean version)

#TWICE2 Japanese version of TWICE’S songs
FANCY YOU 1.     Fancy

2.    Stuck in my head

3.    Hot

4.    Girls like us

5.    Turn it up

6.    Strawberry

HAPPY HAPPY 1.     Happy happy

2.    The best thing I ever did (Japanese version)

BREAKTHROUGH 1.     Breakthrough




While in 2019, US-based cosmetics giant Estée Lauder made TWICE would their new brand ambassadors for “Estée Lauder Korea”, Tzuyu herself had been brand ambassador for LG U + back in 2016 but was removed amidst her flag apology controversy.

Tzuyu has been on “TC Candler’s” “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces in the world” list since 2015, gradually climbing up in the rankings [In 2015 (rank 13), 2016 (rank 8), 2017 (rank 3), 2018 (rank 2)] and ultimately topped the “100 Most Beautiful Faces in the world” title for the year 2019. She has also been seen on the cover of reputed international magazines. Some of them are listed below with issue month.

Nikkei Magazine October 2018 Issue
OhBoy! Magazine November 2018 Issue
Nylon Korea Magazine March 2018 Issue
Cosmopolitan Magazine [Korea] January 2018 Issue
@Star1 Magazine June 2017 Issue
Céci Magazine September 2016 Issue
Pholar App June 2016
GQ Magazine (Korea) April 2016 Issue




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