Dr DisRespect [Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV] Biography, Net Worth & Other Details

Dr DisRespect :“Violence. Speed. Momentum.”, these words can only suit someone with a hefty physique and confident tongue, and Dr DisRespect is both of them. When you are a streamer with over 3.65 million subscribers on twitch, you earn that statement of being one of the best and wear it like Doc. Popularly known to most as The Doc & The Two Time, Dr DisRespect has become one of the fiercest players in the whole gaming scene.

With an over the top character persona with arrogance issues, Doc has managed to sweep in audiences by adding a twist of humour to it. The whole persona of The Doc comes with hair extensions, some old 2000 era sunglasses, a tactical jacket and the iconic Doc moustache called “Slick Daddy”. Doc has one of the best Kill to Death Ratios in multiplayer games which usually comes neck to neck with other legendary players like Shroud and Ninja. That’s something. His personality as a gamer may seem annoying and arrogant to many people but Doc’s way of delivering while playing games during streams has charmed most of his audience. With a humongous statue of 6 Feet 8 inches, Doc is a standout in the outside world as well. Hustling and conquering Battle Royale games like Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, Call Of Duty Black Ops: Blackout and H1Z1, Doc has managed to establish a net worth of about 3.5 million dollars.

Education and Early Life

The Doc wasn’t The Dr DisRespect that we know from the beginning. Born as Herschel “Guy” Beahm on March 10, 1982, in the United States of America, The Doc had a pretty unknown childhood. Not revealing most information about his past and childhood, Dr DisRespect has a way of keeping things simple. He graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, where he also played NCAA Division II Basketball and won two championships. But this statement of two victories has no record of it and is more of a self-proclaimed statement to aid his boasting character.

Professional Life & Twitch Streaming

The whole persona of Dr DisRespect is considered less of a professional gamer and more of a WWE character by his fellow streamers and the whole streaming community. The Doc is an entertainer from his beginnings. The whole person of “Doctor DisRespect” emerged when Herschel was playing Halo on his Xbox. The whole voice chat mechanism in the game gave an opportunity to Herschel to create a guy with an appearance that is indulged in dominance and adrenaline. Herschel started posting his videos on YouTube in early January of 2010 with his roommate. His first video was a commentary of the then famous video game “ Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”. After which he got many features in another videogame channel called Machinima. The Doc went inactive and didn’t release any content for a time as long as five years. During that huge hiatus, he was appointed as the community manager of Sledgehammer Games, where he helped design many maps after his promotion to level designer. Then in 2015, he left his job at Sledgehammer Games to focus on his streaming career. Herschel gained his popularity playing Battle Royale games like Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, H1Z1 and then, in the end, moving on to COD Black Ops 2.

Once, while The Doc was on stream, an unknown person shot at his house. Nobody got injured because the bullet hit an upstairs window where no one was present. Apparently, this was not the first time someone had shot at his according to him. In 2017, The Doc was awarded Streamer of the year award at the Esports industry awards event. Later that very year, he also won the Trending Gamer category at the 2017 edition of The Game Awards.

In February of 2018, he got nearly close to beating tyler1’s concurrent viewer’s record of 410,000 viewers with nearly 388,000 viewers watching. After that, his fame never went down. With new sponsors like Asus, Razor, Gillette and G-Fuel signing him, Herschel was bigger than ever.

Dr Disrespect Personal Life

Dr DisRespect keeps his personal life to himself as much as he can. Herschel is totally different from his “Dr DisRespect” persona in real life and because he is a family man he has a lot of responsibilities. He has kept quiet about his wife, so quiet that he has not even disclosed her name in public. Only the name isn’t disclosed, she has been seen many times with him in his social media posts and also during the Esports Industry Awards event when he was awarded Streamer Of The Year. He also welcomed his one and only daughter in 2014, whom he named ‘Alana’. Due to the responsibilities of his daughter, he had to reduce his gaming time and streams per week.

Controversies and Incidents

The Doc has had his fair share of controversies in his gaming career. At first, it was a scandal of him cheating on his wife. He publically admitted that he was unfaithful on stream and announced his short leave from streaming to focus on his family of three and his marriage. Later returning after two months in February. The second hit happened when The Doc was attending the 2019 edition of Electronic Entertainment Expo also known as E3 in Los Angeles, California. In this event, The Doc’s cameraman was recording the live stream which was streaming on his Twitch channel. During this, The Doc went to the bathroom and the cameraman somehow also went in with him. This led to a violation of Twitch’s Privacy Rules And Privacy Laws which eventually led to the suspension of his twitch account. Not only this, but the E3 organizers also revoked The Doc’s E3 pass, banning him from the event. Twitch later reinstated his channel on June 25th.

Some More Details About Dr Disrespect

With 1 Million on YouTube and 3.6 Million subscribers on Twitch, Dr DisRespect became the biggest entertainer/Gamer in the industry. The genius behind the mullet wig and beachy sunglasses showed through his work and also his channels. With other gamer fellows like Shroud complimenting him for not only his showman skills but mostly about his gaming abilities and skills. Teaming up with each other, Both The Doc and Shroud raised thousands for a charity. Being neck to neck, the competition never ends between these two legends of the gaming community. No matter what persona, Herschel ‘Guy’ Beahm has come a long way from just a level designer to one of the biggest streamers on the internet. This was his story. The Doc, The Two Times, The Slick Daddy. Hope we say more of him in his streams playing more games with more adrenaline and macho lines. Let’s end this the way he says, “I am on top of the mountain and I am only halfway up”.



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