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With stellar hits such as Dangal, Thugs of Hindostan, Chachi 420 and numerous others, Bollywood actress, Fatima Sana Sheikh, has won the hearts of many. From her childhood to her entry into the industry of acting to her getting candid about her struggles to her upcoming projects, we talk through everything you need to know about the he Hyderabad-born actress who starred opposite Aamir Khan. Interested viewers, sit down, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and read ahead to find out more because trust us, this budding actress has more to her than you would expect.

Age :  27 years

Date of Birth : 11 January 1992

Height : 5 ft 3 inches

Nationality : Indian


Fatima Sana Sheikh Biography & Wiki

Daughter of Vipan Sharma, a Hindu from Jammu and Raj Tabassum, a Muslim from Srinagar, Fatima began her acting career in 1997 as a child actor with her debut in Kamal Haasan’s 1997 film Chachi 420 as Jaiprakash Paswan’s daughter, Bharti. Then in 2001, she made a guest appearance in One 2 Ka 4, having the opportunity to star with the industry’s beloved, Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla. Seven years later, the actress then played the role of Zoya in Tahaan, an Indian drama entailing the journey of a young boy in the pursuit of retrieving his pony only to encounter a dangerous group of terrorists. Then in 2009, two years old to her latest movie, she switched to TV shows such as Ladies Special, where she played Nanda Shinde’s daughter Geeti, Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo in which her character, Suma, held the role of the antagonist in the series. She continued performing on the small screen until 2016, in which she made her big break with Nitesh Tiwari’s biographical sports film Dangal where she got the incredible opportunity to star alongside Aamir Khan. With that, she received more offers such as starring in Thugs of Hindostan with Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif.


Reaching out to the public

Taking part in the famous #MeToo movement, a stance taken against sexual harassment and sexual assault which gave women the opportunity to share with the world their individual experiences in dealing with such veil acts, Fatima gets vocal about her own personal incident. Sharing her story for the first time ever, she reaches a hand out to all the young women out there that have shared her unfortunate situation in means to empower them to feel and be more than what they had been put through. In an interview with India Today, she reveals that she hadn’t come out with the issue for a long time now out of the fear of people judging her. However, she overcomes what she so feared and tells women who have undergone what she had to stand strong and fight for what they believe in. An empowering, not to mention, encouraging message indeed.


Awards Won By Fatima Sana Sheikh

The talented actress had won more than one award for her phnenonmenol performances in the roles that she undertook. In 2016, she had won the News 18 Movie Awards for Best Debut as a female actress, also having to be nominated for Best Actress for Dangal once again in the Screen Awards in India a few years later. Unfortunately, she did receive the award. However in 2018 again, won the Jackie Chan International Action Film Week for Best Action Movie Actress in Dangal.



More than just an actress

The talk of the town lately, this young lady engages in activities more than just acting. A photographer by interest,  a fabulous dancer and also as someone who has even assisted as a cinematographer for advertisements, Fatima, stands true to the statement that it is better to be a jack of all trades. Go to her Instagram profile to get a glimpse of her credibility as a photographer for yourself.

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