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Felisja Piana aka Felisja Fishball is an Italian Alternative model  known for beautiful pieces of Tattoos inked all over body. From her debut as a “suicide girl”, to her YouTube/Spotify music, to being the Instagram sensation with almost 2 Million followers & a viral TikToker, Felisja Piana is an Italian celebrity. Let’s cover the models Age, Height, Tattoos, Boyfriend/Husband and Net worth in detail.


Felisja Piana aka Fishball was born on 16 April 1994and she is currently 26 Years old (as of November 2020). Felisja was born and raised in Sardinia, an Island in the Mediterranean Sea, Italy. She currently lives in Milan, Lombardy, Italy.

Regarded as Italy’s most loved suicide girl, Felisja Fishball’s Height is 5 Feet 7 Inches (171 cm Tall). Her weight is 49 Kg (109 lbs) and her body Measurements are all natural 34-24-34.5.The Italian punk beauty’s natural hair colour is Blonde and has rare green eyes.

Name: Felisja Piana

Also Known as: Felisja Fishball

Age: 26 years old

Date of birth: April 16, 1994

Net Worth: $250K US Dollars

Current city: Milan

Height: 5’7” (171 cm tall)

Shoes: 7.5

Tattoos: Many

Piercing: Many

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Skin Color: White

Eye Color: Green

Hair Length: Very Long

Hair Color: Blonde

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Felisja didn’t have the best of economic condition at her home and has to work humblest jobs, even 3 together, to be self-independent. Her father passed away around 2014-2015 due to tumour. Her mother, who has many tattoos herself, is actually the inspiration for her entering the Tattoo modelling field. She has a 6 year old little sister as sibling, whom she loves very much.

She became an internet sensation with her debut as a suicide girl on the Suicide Girl website. She currently has around 40K followers on her official SG account and regularly posts pics and videos that are definitely pushing boundaries.


Felisja Piana went to live alone in Milan when she was just 16 Years old. Soon she found work as an assistant at Italian Tattoo artist Marco Galdo’s studio “Trafficanti d’Arte” in Via Benedetto Varchi, Milan. She fell in love with tattooing there and had plan to become a Tattoo artist herself and opens a Tattoo studio.

Felisja who never wants to be shackled in traditional Barbie-beauty norms, is redefining the meaning of beauty and fashion as a successful alt-model. She Graduated in Fashion Cultures and Techniques and done a two year master degree at the specialist faculty of Media, Digital Communication and Journalism.


Felisja was in a serious relationship with her now ex-boyfriend Italian rapper “MadMan” for a year but the couple broke up in mid-2018. Felisja Piana aka Fishball is currently engaged to rapper “Taxi B”, from the hard core hip hop band “FSK Satellite.” Fsktaxi is quite popular himself having more than 400K followers on his official Instagram (@taxi_bi). Felisja considers fsktaxi to be an ideal husband material guy for her and the couple is planning to get married very soon.


Felisja is undoubtedly one of the most famous tattooed women of the world. She sees herself one day completely covered in tattoo. As far as her most special and favourite tattoos are concerned, here’s what they are:

Favourite tattoo: a “Glaucus Atlanticus” tattoo in the middle of the chest.

Special tattoo: she has a “Mexican skull tattoo” on her left arm, dedicated to my father, who unfortunately died a few years ago. The writing “Nosy Be ” under the skull is the name of an island in Madagascar where her father lived for several years.

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Net worth of Italain Model Felisja Piana is estimated to be around $250K US Dollars in 2020 from her modelling, music and influencer career.

Felisja Piana YouTube Revenue

Felisja started her official YouTube channel (@Fishball Official) in May 2018 and currently has over 101K subscribers and 23 Million video views.

She posts her Official music videos, rap songs and backstage videos on this channel and the most viewed song on her channel titled “BADA$$ B. – Cuba (Prod. Razihel)” garnered almost 10 Million views.

Most of Felisja’s viewers are in the age group of 25-34 followed by 18-24 years old. 72% of her subscribers are from Italy followed by 10% viewers from US and the rest 18% resides in Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, India & Germany.

Felisja’s monthly Partner Earning from YouTube is estimated to be around $1K-$ 3K based on her video reach and audience location CPM. On an average every video on her (@Fishball Official YouTube channel has the potential to earns her 10K USD.

Felisja Piana Instagram & TikTok influencer income

Felisja is steaming the lip-syncing platform TikTok, where her official TikTok account (@fishball__) has a whopping 600K followers and more than 19 Million hearts. Ranked as one of the hottest TikToker in Italy, Felisja has an excellent engagement rate of 13.9% and receives on average 240K Video views, 34K Hearts and more than 500 shares on each of her video.

Based on these statistics, her Tik Tok platform partner earning is estimated to be around $500 – $2.32K US Dollars/month.

In recent years, the young temptress from Valledoria has reached over 1.9 Million followers on official Instagram (@fishball_sg) and over 255K followers on Facebook (@suicide.fishball), all thanks to her bare it all sexy pics and many collaborations, from working for Pittarello shoes with photographer Alberto Buzzanca, to appearances in Ben Stiller’s film Zoolander 2 and in the Grimaldi Lines advertising campaign.


Felisja fishball has also emerged as a girl rapper and idol on music sharing platform Spotify, where her verified account has over 400,000 monthly listeners.

Some of her most popular songs on Spotify are:

Felisja Piana SongsListened by
Fishball – Tiffany528K users
Fishball – Scoteka1,1 Million users
Fishball – 33103.1 Million users
Fishball – Kiki2.4 Million users
Fishball – OH AH1.6 Million users
Fishball – Quante Volte1.5 Million users
Fishball – Fifi157K users


  • Felisja Piana is a vegan and an avid animal lover
  • Best hangout: Clubbing followed by an all-night diner
  • Can’t live without: chocolate, Tattoos, her pet dog, party & tekno music
  • Favourite Leisure activities: Dancing, Gaming and drawing
  • Favourite Music: Acid tekno, break beat, frenchcore, rap core, reggaetek & tekno
  • Favourite Movies: Avatar, Blow & Transpotting
  • Favourite Games: Final fantasy, Pokémon & uncharted


Suicide Girl website
Only Fans


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