Harleen Sethi, Biography, Age, Height & Actress Career

Harleen Sethi: Born on June 23, the actress is the upcoming superstar of Bollywood. Her age is not known so far but Harleen Sethi’s other physical details include her 5’5″ tall frame and a figure as good as 34-26-34 which is a dream of most of the actresses these days.

Harleen Sethi is one of the actresses who has worked hard on her career along with her personal life undisturbed. She was being featured in several TV commercial advertisements and holds fluency over English, Hindi, Punjabi and Marathi languages. This is so obvious since she is an Indian born to a Punjabi family in Maharashtra and worked in a Hollywood short film.

Early Life and Education

Harleen Sethi was born to a rich Punjabi family in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She completed her schooling from Jankidevi Public School from Maharashtra only. She is one of the actresses with high education as equal to post-graduation. Harleen Sethi’s first priority was always her study. Only after completing her studies and pursuing a postgraduate degree, she decided to work in movies or at least take a step towards the industry. Much of her family’s information is unavailable as of now. We don’t even know about her year of birth even but there’s her brother that we know about. Harleen Sethi’s brother is Karan Sethi.


Finally, after completing her post-graduation, Harleen Sethi took her steps towards acting to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She first appeared in a Hollywood movie as an actress. Harleen Sethi’s debut movie was Country of Bodies: Bombay in Dance that came out in 2013 and was a short film. After that, she started hosting an Indian television show, India Adventures and worked as an anchor. Other than her acting and anchoring skills, Harleen Sethi holds a good command over dance. She gracefully dances her feet off and is known to be a trained dancer. Harleen also worked with the Danceworkx Performing Arts Academy initially.

Relationship – Boyfriend

Harleen Sethi only earned the fame after she appeared in a headline with the superstar and actor Vicky Kaushal who worked in the blockbusters Raazi, Sanju and URI. Vicky Kaushal was also featured in the short film Lust Stories. He only gained fame after his amazing role in Raazi. URI was again one of his hits. Harleen Sethi and Vicky Kaushal are known to have been dating for a long time now. The couple tried to keep it a low profile but somehow the relationship came out in limelight and got spread like a forest fire. During an interview, Vicky Kaushal confessed his love for Harleen Sethi through the song ‘Do You Know’ and accepted that they both are dating. He also told the story of how they met. According to Vicky Kaushal, he met Harleen Sethi through a common friend, Anand Tiwari.

Latest News

One of the biggest controversies about Harleen Sethi is that her long-time boyfriend, Vicky Kaushal had broken up with her. This was supposed to be a rumour but their social media showed no posts of the couple together for a while. Suddenly Harleen Sethi posted a picture with Vicky Kaushal wearing ‘How’s the Josh’ t-shirts of Vicky’s movie, URI. This confirmed their relationship to have been still working and going on fine. According to the fans and media, the rumours of a breakup were only spread because Vicky was too occupied in his movie URI that he barely had any time for social media updates. His no post sharing was taken as a serious matter towards his lost relationship with Harleen Sethi. Eventually, the couple is known to be together now. They seem happy and serious.

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