Hugh Jackman, Biography, Age, Marriage And Acting Career

Hugh Jackman Biography: Every child of each generation has a favorite superhero who the adore and look up to and many actors are the vessels of such personality. Some are known as one of the best portrayal of such superhero such as Christian Bale’s Batman, which was considered as the best portrayal of Batman within the likes of other actors like George Clooney and Michael Keaton who previously had the role.

Many different superheroes have such highlighted actors as one of the best portrayals but when it comes to a character such as Wolverine, it’s a far different deal. This statement is bold enough but is quite accurate as if you ask any comic book fan or cinema buff, Who is Wolverine? They will reply Hugh Jackman. With his portrayal being the only one of Wolverine, Jackman has made this character his very own. He in fact holds the Guiness World Record for “Longest Career as a Live-Action Marvel Superhero”. A man of many talents and a chameleon like character, Hugh Jackman has made his name in the film industry as one of the most versatile actors. So, who really is this man from the Land Down Under?

Education and Early Life

Born in Sydney, New South Wales to English parents who immigrated to Australia in 1967 due to the “Ten Pound Poms” Immigration. Due to this, Hugh holds British citizenship for being born to British Parents and also has an additional Australian citizenship. Being the second kid in the whole pack of five Hugh had a not so typical childhood. With his parents breaking up when he was only 8, he stayed with his father and two brothers in Australia while his mother moved back to Britain with both of his sisters. When he was a child, Hugh once dreamed to be a chef on a plane as there’s always food and you can go anywhere. As a kid, he used to go on camping trips, beach visits and school holidays all across the Australian continent.

He attended primary school at Pymble Public School and after that he went to the all-boys Knox Grammar School in Sydney. After graduation, he took a year gap and went to England to teach Physical Education in Uppingham School. After returning back to Australia, he went to University of Technology, Sydney to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. After his bachelor’s completion, Hugh completed a one year course at the Actor’s Centre in Sydney. As a kid he never thought that he could make a living out of his hobby of acting and at that time he always had an interest in doing theatre.

Career and Professional Life

For a career and professional life, Hugh has had a really long and segmented one. It starts from his theatre days to his X-Men superhero phase. So, let’s begin. At first, it all started at the night of his graduation where he received a phone call where he was offered a role in a ten part series called Corelli which was aired on ABC. Although the series only last one season, the good thing was that Hugh met his future wife Deborra Lee-Furness  at the set of the same TV show.

After Corelli, Hugh went on to do theatre in Melbourne. He played the part of Gaston in the local production of Walt Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. After this, he had a lot of theatre roles where he polished his acting skills and made a name in the theatres of Australia. Later he had many television roles which included Law of the Land, Halifax f.p. and Blue Heelers. After this he played a role in The National Theatre’s acclaimed production Oklahoma! In the year 2000.

Hugh Jackman’s career took the biggest turn when he was offered the role of the indestructible claw mutant, Wolverine in Bryan Singer’s X-Men. The movie had a big named casting which included Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen. The role was meant to go to Russel Crowe, but later it was passed on to Hugh. To get that whole “Wolverine” persona on, Hugh studied wolves and their ways to develop his character and provide some depth to it. The film was a major box office release with a whopping $296 million in it’s bank. After the first X-Men, Hugh knew that he had to prepare more for the tough and wild role of Logan (Wolverine) and to do that, he later studied and assimilated old movie characters such as Clint Eastwood’s in The Old Dirty Harry Movies  and Mel Gibson in Mad Max 2. His dedication to the role made him adamant to do his own stunts and because of this very decision, the director and the stunt choreographer had to be very careful and attentive during the fight sequences.

The role of Wolverine wasn’t physically suitable for the 6ft 3 Aussie actor as the character of Logan is supposed to be 5ft 3, which is a whole feet shorter than him. The role of Wolverine continued on with Hugh’s career as he kept on reprising this role in the upcoming installments of X-Men. The follow up had X-Men 2, X-Men The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and also a cameo in X-Men First class. After all this, Jackman hadn’t had enough of the role, he later came back in 2013’s The Wolverine and X-Men Days Of Future Past.

Then, After X-Men Apocalypse, Logan came out which was the sequel to 2013’s The Wolverine. Sadly, “Logan” was the end because Hugh retired from the role of the Clawed Mutant and hung the suit. Apart from the successful X-Men roles, Hugh had a wonderful career with movies like Deception, The Prestige, Prisoners, Real Steel, Van Helsing, Les Miserables and The Greatest Showman which were all big blockbuster hits.

Personal Life

From his big roles and acting chops, Hugh has a very interesting personal life. He is a family man and after meeting his wife on the sets of his first Job, he married her in 1996 in the suburbs of Melbourne. Unfortunately, Hugh’s wife Deborra had two miscarriages after which both of them decided to adopt and that’s where there two children Oscar And Ava came from. Hugh has proclaimed himself as a Christian and a firm believer of god. In November of 2013, Hugh announced that he had basal-cell carcinoma, which is the most common type of skin cancer. He had one removed at that time and later in 2014 another one. Due to this, Hugh had to wear a bandage on his nose on world premiere of X-Men Days Of Future Past.

Apart from this, Hugh’s interests are very diverse just like his acting skills. He has keen interests in outdoor sports such as cricket, rugby and swimming. Hugh is also good at playing guitar, violin and piano and he has also been a member of the School Of Practical Philosophy since 1992. Hugh is also the face of many brands such as Montblanc and R.M. Williams and is also doing a lot of philanthropic work. The name of controversies and scandals are far apart from Hugh Jackman. The last thing known for him to be shown on headlines was that he was banned from his daughter’s school for being mobbed.


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