Ileana D’Cruz, Biography, Age, Boyfriend & Professional Career Details

The famous and well known actress Ileana D’Cruz is so much active on twitter these days. She is an actress who appeared in Tamil and Bollywood films both as an actress. Ileana is hot and cute both at the same time. In her recent photoshoots, she is killing the audience with her amazing looks. The actress in 5’7″ tall and has a fair complexion. She is in the highlights because of her recent twitter posts where she mentions almost everything about her daily life. At least some actresses are honest and open.

Ileana D’Cruz Wiki, Childhood, Education & Family Details

Age- 33 Yrs

Height- 1.57 Meters

Boyfriend- Andrew Kneebone

Profession: Actress & Model

Ileana D’Cruz was born on November 1, 1986 to a Christian family of catholics. Although she was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, she was brought up in both Goa and Mumbai. Her mother used to work in a hotel and the owner of the hotel, after getting taken away by Ileana’s smile, asked her to try modelling. He even fixed her meeting with a producer and Ileana was set for a photoshoot. The shoot was a ‘disaster’ as the actress described it. Later on she started her career as a model and worked in different advertising firms. Then she had her another portfolio shoot and it went fine.

Movies & Career In Bollywood

Ileana D’Cruz is well known for her acting in various South Indian movies. Yes, the girl was a tollywood actress until her debut film ‘Barfi’ in Bollywood. She had done many Telugu movies already but her first Bollywood movie was Barfi. Ranbir Kapur was her co star and Priyanka Chopra also played an important role. The movie came out in 2011. Barfi was a movie based on the lives of three people. Their characters were played by Ileana D’Cruz, Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra each. All three showed different relationships, bonding and friendships. The movie was a blockbuster. Because her first Bollywood movie was such a big hit, Ileana had no Issues getting fame. She then appeared in many Bollywood movies including Main Tera Hero, Raid, Badshaho, Phata Poster Nikla Hero, Rustam, Mubaraka and Happy Ending. With each new movie, Ileana’s acting skills have just polished.

We can see her comedy role in Main Tera Hero. Although the movie was a big hit, we cannot totally give the credits to Varun Dhawan and Ileana D’Cruz. The main reason is Anupam Kher. Next she played the roles of Akshay Kumar’s wife in both Rustam and Raid. She played serious character. Her acting was mind blowing and her Bengali look in Raid totally suited her. Since the star cast was Akshay Kumar, the movies had to be hit. His scripts and acting both combine into something wonderful and worth a desired first day first show. Phata Poster Nikla Hero was not that good a movie. Shahid Kapoor was the star cast and although the movie was a family movie with comedy genre, still people didn’t like it that much. Badshaho was a good movie but there’s nothing much to write about it. Again Happy Ending and Mubaraka weren’t good.

Recently she tweeted ‘I’m almost entirely convinced that I sleep walk….. Almost. Maybe. Probably. – There’s no other way to explain how I wake up with mysterious bumps and bruises on my legs 🤷🏻‍♀️’. Her fans say that it’s because of some aliens. That was a really senseless approach but nevermind. As far as her bumps and bruises are concerned, these might be because of bed bugs. No need to worry. Get a good pest control treatment for your home. Although these bruises are not a big issue but our actress is too popular to have let it go in vain. People start talking about it even when she changes her perfume. That’s dumb but Ileana is loved.

Relationships – Boyfriend – Breakups

Ileana D’Cruz was in a long term relationship with Andrew Keebone and all of a sudden, they were known to have been broken up. There’s no factual information of the news but if this is so, we feel bad for Ileana. Ileana recently posted an Instagram post with an outfit all black. Her tummy was much visible and this aired the rumour that she’s expecting. Later on, she even reported the comments of various followers of hers. She then posted a picture with the caption ‘#notpregnant’. This cleared the rumour about her being pregnant.

There were also rumours about their breakup. Ileana never bothered to clear it out and chose to stay quiet over the topic but still she somehow managed to clear this out too. She told people that Andrew Keebone is a decent man who lives a simple life and for this reason, she doesn’t want him to be in the spotlight. No one knows if they really broke up or if the news of their breakup was just a rumour but surely Ileana D’cruz’s statement showed that she cares about Andrew Keebone.

Ileana D’Cruz and Andrew Keebone have unfollowed each other from their instagrams. This makes the fans go lala about their breakup. No one expects them to end their relationship without any note. We all were expecting them to get married soon and the news of Ileana being pregnant also sparked some hope but then, everything was fake and it just puts everyone in despair.

Ileana D’Cruz Latest News

These days, the actress is showing off her body too much in her recent instagram posts. Recently she posted a picture of hers in a black monokini where she is laughing uncontrollably. Her laugh makes her look even beautiful. In her other pictures, she has mostly shown her belly. Ileana D’Cruz is so much obsessed with pizza. She mostly demands pizza in her captions and also wants to get tanned. In one of her captions, she mentioned that she is waiting for the sun. Though we love her complexion but maybe the actress doesn’t adore it that much and wants it changed to a darker shade naturally.

Ileana’s journey had been a tough one till now and as a diamond, she has shone out. Now that we have seen many of her movies, the expectations from the actress have rose up. We clearly expect her to come up with some more amazing Bollywood projects.

Ileana D’Cruz is not just a good actress but she is a superb dancer. In almost all the songs of the movie, Main Tera Hero, she has shown us her dancing skills and undoubtedly she is a master of that art. Her dance movements are smooth. Talking about the looks, she is one of the hottest and fittest actresses of the Bollywood industry. She is very much particular of her doubt and this can be seen in the pictures from her bikini shoots.

Although people still believe that the actress is pregnant but honestly, she is not. Maybe the angle of that picture or her all black outfit or her pose made her look that way.

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