Issa Vegas

Issa Vegas is an Instagram influencer, Crossfit girl & viral TikToker, famous for her unique figure in Latin America. Let’s check out the diva’s age, Height, Husband, Mother, Net worth and fitness routine in detail.


Issa Vegas was born on 1st December 1996 in Misiones, a rugged province in northeastern Argentina. The Instagram sensation is currently 24 Years old (As of December 2020) and lives in Mexico. She has Argentine Nationality and her Race is Latin. Issa is of Spanish and Italian descent and her religion is Roman Catholic Christian.

Issa Vegas height is 5 feet 8½ inches (174 cm tall) and maintains a healthy weight of 55 kg. Her other physical body measurements are 35-24-34. Her natural hair colour is light brown and she has beautiful Hazel eyes. Issa Vegas and Mexican IG star Manelyk González are ranked as the Hottest Instagram models in Mexico.

Full name: Issa Vegas

Date of Birth: December 1, 1996

Age: Issa Vegas is 24 years old

Nationality: Issa Vegas is Argentine

Net Worth: $450K US Dollars

Marital status: Engaged to José Terán

Children: Issa Vegas has no children

Mother: Luisa Lorena “Celezte Cruz” Billordo

Fiancé: José Terán

Height: Issa Vegas is 1.74 meters tall

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Issa Vegas’s dating and love life has been in the limelight of Latin American tabloids in the past, where she was linked with many Mexican models and celebrities. She dated her boyfriend “José Terán” for over three years before the couple got engaged with June 2019. On July 22, 2019, she revealed her fiancé name “José Terán” through a loving Instagram post. Not much is known about about her fiancé apart from the fact that he is a photographer and his private Instagram account is (@joseteran034)

Besides being beautiful and having the body of a Greek goddess, the CrossFit girl & fitness guru has earned many fitness trainer certification from the “Escuela de Capacitación” institute.


Net worth of Argentinian fitness model Issa Vegas is estimated to be around $450K US Dollars in 2020, grossing $150 K USD this year alone.

Issa Vegas Instagram Influencer Income

The young CrossFit girl enjoys sharing her pics on instagram captivating the attention of millions. She showcases amazing pictures and her luxurious lifestyle, that already garnered her a great deal of popularity on social media.

Issa Vegas has whopping 7.3 Million followers on her official Instagram (@issavegas).

A Majority of 92% of her followers on Instagram are Males in the age group 25-34 Years old and only 8% of her followers are females. Issa Vegas has a superb average engagement rate of 1.86%, receiving on average 12K-13K Likes/post & around 1200 comments. Majority (55%) of Issa Vegas followers are from Mexico followed by 25% viewers from Argentina, 6% from spain, 4% from Peru and the rest 10% resides in Colombia, US, Taiwan, Venezuela, Chile & India.

Currently she ranks both in Top 20 Mexican Instagram stars and Top 10 Mexican Model. Issa Vegas is also a Bang Energy Elite model in Mexico and earns up to a salary of $50,000 USD a year by promoting the energy drink brand.

Based on these Instagram stats and the fact that the model is gaining 50K-200K Followers/day, her Instagram influencer value for being a Mega influencer is around $5000 USD – $10,000 USD/post.

Issa Vegas TikTok Revenue

Issa Vegas is currently going viral on lip-syncing app TikTok through her official account (@issa_vegas).

Issa Vegas in Mexico has over 807K followers on TikTok and received around 6 Million hearts, ranking under top 50 TikToker’s in Mexico.

Issa has a fantastic engagement rate of 14.3% and receives around 75K video views, 12K likes and 100 shares/TikTok post. Based on these statistics, her Tik Tok platform partner earning is estimated to be around $200K – $500K US Dollars in 2020.


Issa posts nutrition & beauty tips IG Reels to exercise challenges to get a super toned hot body like her, Issa has worked hard to make a name for herself in the fitness modelling space. With her “insist, persist, resist and never give up” mantra she is not just No.1 fitness model in Mexico but undoubtedly one of the top fitness model in the world.

Let’s check out the diva’s fitness routine for a chiseled body:


Start with 4 rounds of following exercises after a quick 15 minute warm-up. For more intensity you can use resistance bands

  • Squat 12 reps.
  • Kick 15 reps x side.
  • Side plank 12 reps x side.
  • Crutch touching feet 15 reps.


This Issa Vegas signature routine can be done by women and men. You can use this routine for muscle definition like Issa or you can use hypertrophy training by lowering 4-6 reps and putting on the weight, depending on your goal.

  • Front + side elevation: 3 of 10xside
  • Shoulder pressure: 3 of 10
  • Front elevation: 3 of 12xside
  • Around the World: 3 of 10.
  • Front elevation dumbbell with twist: 3×12


“This Routine is short and STRONG to grow glutes and legs, we need weight from less to more! If you are a beginner you can do it without weight, add 3 reps and work with tempo.” – Issa Vegas says in her IG post. Each round you will increase the weight until you reach your 85% maximum weight.

  • Deep Squat 5×5.
  • Bulgarian Squat 5x6xSide.
  • Backward 5x7xSide.


All the laps you can make in 12-15 minutes of following:

  • SQUAT CLEAN 15 reps
  • BURPEES 10 reps
  • THRUSTERS 10 reps


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