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Kim Sejeong aka God Sejeong is a versatile South Korean celebrity who rules the hearts of millions and made a name for herself despite coming from a poor background, all at the age of 23. She is best known as the “Main Vocalist” in the all-girl K-Pop girl groups like “I.O.I” & “Gugudan”. Apart from singing, the playful happy-go-lucky Idol has been part of Korean dramas and reality shows and is currently seen on “Busted”, Netflix Korea’s first variety show. The charming and multitalented actress was ranked 99 on “TC Candler’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces of world – 2019” list and opened her personal Instagram in 2019, fulfilling her fans long overdue wish.

Sejeong was born on Wednesday, August 28, 1996 in “Gimje”, in the “, North Jeolla Province” of South Korea, to a Korean father and Korean mother. Sejeong (세정) is her stage name, while her Korean birth nameKim Se-jeong (김세정)”. Sejeong also goes by nicknames like “God Sejeong” & “Ahjussi (Uncle)” amongst her fans and loved ones. Sejeong zodiac sign is “Virgo” and currently she is 23 years old (as of January 2020).

Kim Sejeong Birthday August 28, 1996
Kim Sejeong Age 23 years old
Kim Sejeong Height 164cm (5 feet 5 inches)
Kim Sejeong Body Weight 48 kg (105 lbs)
Ethnicity Korean
Blood Group AB
Hometown Mangyeong
I.O.I Debut May 4, 2016
I.O.I Group Position Main Vocalist
Gu9udan Debut June 28, 2016
gu9udan Group Position Main Vocalist, Centre, Face of the Group
Semina Debut July 10, 2018
Semina Group Position Main Vocalist, Face of the Group
Produce 101 (Final Ranking) 2 (Season 1)
Kim Sejeong Official Instagram @ clean_0828 (564 K followers)




Kim Sejeong has a small family of four, father, mother and an elder brother three year older than her. At first Sejeong attended the “Mangyeong Elementary School” in Gimje but then her parents got divorced and her mother had to raise both her children single handily.  Her mother then moved to Anyang city in Gyeonggi province to live close to her sister, Sejeong’s aunt. There she attended the “An-yang Buheung Elementary School” in Bisan-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang. Both the siblings had a very tough childhood where her mother had to do multiple small jobs like delivering milk and as a tutor and the family survived mostly thanks to the government welfare schemes. Sejeong had to use her “Hungry Child welfare Food Card” to eat the three daily meals. That level of hardship at such tender age made her mature at an early age and she was determined to be successful for her mother. The family found some stability when her mother, at age 40, got a job as an accountant. Sejeong attended the “Hogye Middle School”, Anyang and “Indeogwon High School”, Anyang for her middle and high school education.

In her third year at Hogye Middle School, she once again met with her father, who was living in Indonesia, after 10 long years and had been in contact with him ever since then.

Sejeong pursued college education through scholarship at ‘department of applied music’ from Ansan campus of “Hanyang Womens University” in Gyeonggi. Sejeong apparently attended the college with soloist Kim Minseo (김민서).

Kim Sejeong Pic (Courtesy Kim Sejeong Official Instagram: @clean_0828)


On October 5, 2019, former I.O.I member and Gugudan’s kim Sejeong opened her official Instagram account: @clean_0828, which has crossed the 564 K followers mark as of January 2020, within 3 months.

The ever smiling K-Pop idol is currently riding the waves of popularity on the social media platform. Sejeong’s Instagram currently holds a very good engagement rate of 22%, where she received on average 120 K likes and above 600 comments per Instagram post.


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In 2012, SeJeong, 16, appeared as one of the challengers in the season 2 of reality TV show “K-pop Star”. At first, she couldn’t qualify into the second round of audition, but one of the judges “Yang Hyun-suk” (CEO of YG Entertainment), brought her back as a wild card. She then performed BIGBANG’s Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl” song in duet with another contestant “Cho Yunmin”.

For her next performance, she sang “Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You)” by American singer “Christina Aguilera”, in a trio group with fellow contestants “Nicole Curry” and “Lee Soo-kyung”. Her journey in the reality show ended there but later she was signed up by Jellyfish Entertainment, as a trainee.

After her first experience in showbiz, at K-Pop star 2, Sejeong choose to train under Jellyfish entertainment, but not purposely. When Sejeong was guest on episode 466 of reality show “1 vs 100”; she revealed how after many unsuccessful attempts, she prepared differently, to get into a music label.

“I prepared a list of some 20 companies I wish to get into and then I made point of what they might be looking in a contestant. I also made a list and prepared for 30 songs under each of the following 4 genres – a fast song, a slow song, a popular song and an English song.”

She reached Jellyfish entertainment auditions thinking it was for some other big music label and got select. Later when she found out, confused Sejeong asked her mother for advice and she told her “it’s better to be head of a snake than to be the tail of a dragon” and she signed with them in June 2014.



Sejeong trained for one year and seven months until December 2015 when she participated in the season 1 of girl group survival reality show called “Produce-101”. The 11 episode show was aired from 22 January 2016 to 1 April 2016 and featured 101 trainee contestants from 46 different entertainment companies.

Sejeong and two other trainee “Kim Nayoung” & “Kang Mi Na” represented “Jellyfish entertainment” on Produce 101. Her fellow contestant, “Kim Minjung (김민정)” & “Park Soyeon (박소연)” from “K-Pop star 2”, also participated on produce 101.

Produce 101 season 1 episodes Sejeong Ranking
Episode 1 (January 22, 2016) 2nd
Episode 2 (January 29, 2016) 2nd
Episode 3 (February 5, 2016) 2nd
Episode 4 (February 12, 2016) 1st
Episode 5 (February 19, 2016) 1st
Episode 6 (February 26, 2016) 1st
Episode 7 (March 4, 2016)
Episode 8 (March 11, 2016) 1st
Episode 9 (March 18, 2016)
Episode 10 (March 25, 2016) 2nd
Episode 11 (April 1, 2016) 2nd  (Final Ranking)


Kim Se-jeong ranked 2nd with 525,352 total votes in the show’s finale whereas JYP Entertainment’s “Jeon So-mi” ranked 1st with a total of 858,333 votes. During the show, Kim Sejeong got her nickname “God Sejeong”, as she was placed in top 3 every week.


The top 11 contestants declared at the finale of reality show Produce 101 formed the 11 members of a new girl group I.O.I (아이오아이). They officially debuted on May 4, 2016 under YMC Entertainment, through the release of their first EP titled “Chrysalis”. The group officially disbanded on January 29th, 2017 and their “Time Slip” group concert held on January 20 to 22, 2017, was the last on stage performance. An I.O.I reunion was also announced, scheduled for later half of 2019 or 2020.

I.O.I Members Produce 101 Ranking Company represented
Somi (소미) 1 JYP
Sejeong (세정) 2 Jellyfish
Choi Yoo Jung (최유정) 3 Fantagio
Chungha (청하) 4 MNH
Sohye (소혜) 5 RedLine
Zhou Jie Qiong/ Kyulkyung (결경) 6 Pledis
Chaeyeon (채연) 7 MBK
Doyeon (도연) 8 Fantagio
Mina (미나) 9 Jellyfish
Lim Na Young (임나영) 10 Pledis
Yeonjung (연정) 11 Starship


Sejeong IOI all songs list:

Album Songs
Chrysalis 1.     I.O.I (Intro)

2.    Dream Girls

3.    “Knock Knock Knock” (똑 똑 똑)

4.    Doo Wap

5.    “When the Cherry Blossoms Fade”

(벚꽃이 지면)

6.    Crush

7.    Pick me

Whatta Man Whatta Man
Miss Me 1.     “Very Very Very” (너무너무너무)

2.    “More More” (내 말대로 해줘)

3.    Ping Pong

4.    “Hold On” (잠깐만)

5.    “M-Maybe” (음 어쩌면)

Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST Part 3 “I Love You, I Remember You”

(사랑해 기억해






Gugudan (구구단), a 9 member girl group under Jellyfish entertainment was announced on June 17, 2016. Two members of I.O.I (Sejeong & Mina), Kim Na-young (김나영) who ranked 14 in Produce 101, Hana (하나), Mimi (미미), Haebin (해빈), Sally (샐리), Soyee (소이), Hyeyeon (혜연), were the core 9 members of gugudan who debuted on June 28, 2016 with the mini-album “The Little Mermaid”. In October 2018, Hyeyeon, 19, left gugudan due to health and academic issues. Since June 2018, Sejeong is also part of a subunit of Gugudan called “Gugudan – SeMiNa”, along with Mina and Nayoung.


Sejeong Gugudan all songs list:

Act.1 The Little Mermaid 1.     Wonderland

2.    Could this be love

3.    Good Boy

4.    Diary

5.    Maybe Tomorrow

Act.2 Narcissus 1.     Rainbow

2.    A Girl like me

3.    Hate you

4.    One step closer

5.    Make a wish

Act.3 Chococo Factory 1.     Chococo

2.    Lucky

3.    Snowball

Act. 4 Cait Sith 1.     The boots

2.    Silly

3.    Lovesick

Act.5 New Action 1.     Not that type

2.    Be Myself

3.    Dear (너에게)

4.    Shotgun

5.    Do It

6.    Pastel Sweater



In 2016, Sejeong made her acting career debut with a small cameo in Korean TV series “The Sound of Your Heart (Maeumui Sori)”. She played the female neighbour of apartment 205, in the episode titled “Noisy Neighbours”, opposite “Joon-young Jung”.

From May to October 2016, she also appeared as the main host in all episodes of variety show called “Talents for Sale” along with “Kim Jong-kook”, “Lee Seo-jin”, “Noh Hong-chul”.

Her proper acting debut as the female lead occur with the hit TV series “School 2017 (Hakgyo 2017)”. She played the role of “Ra Eun-ho” opposite actors “Kim Jung-hyun” & “Jang Dong-yoon” in the 2017 edition of this KBS2 School franchise.

In February 2017, Sejeong joined as the youngest MC along with Honey Lee, Lee Se Young, Sandara Park on OnStyle channel’s beauty show called “Get It Beauty 2017”.

In March 2017, Sejeong appeared SBS travel reality show “Law of the Jungle”. She explored Sumatra, Indonesia along with Lee Byung-kyu, KCM, Jo Se-ho, BtoB’s Peniel & Sungjae) in episode 256 to 261 themed “Survive on the Land of Disasters”.

In January 2018, Sejeong appeared as the special co-host in the first 10 episodes of cooking variety show “Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant”.

In July 2018, Sejeong was casted as crew assistant alongside comedian “Kim ByungMan”, Actress “Ha JiWon” and 2PM’s “Nichkhun” on TvN network’s Sci-Fi Variety Show called “Galileo: Awakened Universe”. The cast member visit the MDRS (Mars Desert Research Station) in Utah, USA and try to survive the Mars stimulated condition.

In August 2019, Sejeong played the female lead of ‘Hong Yi-young’ in Korean drama titled “I Wanna Hear Your Song” opposite actor “Yeon Woo-jin”.

Her latest project was the Netflix TV series called “Busted”. She appeared in all 20 episodes of two seasons of Busted along with “Yoo Jae-suk”, “Park Min-young” and “Oh Sehun”.

Kim Sejeong also released two solo songs as singer, the first was titled “Flower Way” released on November 22, 2016 and the second one was titled “Tunnel” released on December 2, 2019.



The beautiful K-Pop idol made debut entry in “TC Candler’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces of world – 2019” list when she was ranked at 99th place on the list. TWICE’s Tzuyu topped whereas BLACKPINK’s Lisa came 3rd in the 2019 list.

Kim Sejeong was chosen as one of the 2019 Global Brand Ambassadors for shoe company “Crocs” along with American actress Zooey Deschanel, British actress Natalie Dormer, Chinese actress Gina Jin and Japanese actress Suzu Hirose.

As an I.O.I group, Sejeong did photoshoot for “Pancoat 2016 fall collection”. Over the years, she also did modelling work for many cosmetic brands like Etude House in 2016, Milky Dress in 2017, Acwell in 2018 and Manyo Factory in 2019.

Sejeong also appeared as muse for major fashion houses and cover girl for international magazines like:

1st Look Magazine Vol. 107
High Cut Magazine Vol. 178
W Korea Magazine 2016 Isuue
Marie Claire Magazine May 2016 Issue
Dazed & Confused Magazine December 2016 Issue
Céci Magazine December 2016 Issue
Nylon Magazine April 2017 Issue
BIG ISSUE magazine cover May 2017 Issue
Céci Magazine June 2017 Issue
Marie Claire Magazine Christmas book 2017
GQ Korea magazine photoshoot October 2018 Issue
10Star Magazine cover & photoshooot December 2018 Issue
Nylon Korea Magazine July 2019 Issue
Breeze Magazine October 2019 issue
Marie Claire Magazine December 2019 Issue
Esquire Magazine January 2020 issue

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