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Born on 8th July 1998, Maya Thurman-Hawke is an American actress and singer, who at age 19, debuted with the 2017 BBC miniseries adaptation of “Little Women”, in which she played the role of “Jo March”.

Her breakout role came with season 3 of popular Netflix series “Stranger Things”, where her character of “Robin Buckley” was widely loved by the fans.

She is the winner of best actress award at the 2019 “Hunter Mountain Film Festival” for the short film “as they slept” and the winner of “2019 Saturn award” for “Stranger Things 3” in the “Best Supporting Actress in Streaming Presentation” category.

She is a Hollywood royalty, having “Before Trilogy” fame actor-director “Ethan Green Hawke” as her father and “Kill Bill” fame actress “Uma Karuna Thurman” as her Mother. A wealthy socialite, Maya Hawke A-List BFF circle include some famous names like Kathryn Newton, Gus Wenner, Lucas Hedges & Rowan Blanchard.

Maya Thurman-Hawke

What is Maya Hawke Body Features?

Maya Hawke is 5 feet 8 inches tall and has a body weights of 53 kg with an elegant figure of 32-24-33 inches. The “Little Women” star has light brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.

Let’s now first cover her family, Modelling Journey, Movies and TV Shows before covering her Influencer status on Instagram in detail. A quick preview:

Maya Thurman-Hawke age: 21 Years old

Maya Hawke height: 5’ 8” (In Feet Inches) / 173 cm

Maya Hawke Body: Bust (32 Inch) Waist (24 Inch) Hips (33 Inch)

Maya Hawke Sexuality: Straight

Maya Hawke Face Shape: Oblong-shaped

Maya Hawke Net Worth: $3-4 Million USD

Maya Hawke Instagram: @maya_hawke (3 Million followers)

Maya Hawke Official Music site:


Maya Thurman-Hawke was born on Wednesday, July 8, 1998 in New York City, New York, USA. Her full name is “Maya Ray Thurman Hawke”. In Buddhism, Maya is the name of Gautama Buddha’s mother & in Hinduism, Maya is an epithet for goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of “wealth, prosperity and Patience”. Her religious inclination is a mix of Buddhism, Christianity and transcendentalism beliefs.

Maya Hawke’s father is American actor, writer, and director “Ethan Green Hawke”, who has done more than 75 Hollywood films, most renowned ones were: Dead Poets Society, Training Day, Before Sunset, Before Midnight, Boyhood, First Reformed, Juliet Naked & Adopt a Highway.

Maya Hawke’s mother is American actress and model “Uma Karuna Thurman”, best known for Kiss Daddy Goodnight, Pulp Fiction, Beautiful Girls, Kill Bill: Volume 1 &2, Paycheck and Nymphomaniac.

Her parents were married on May 1, 1998, just two months before her birth and separated in 2003 when she was only five years old. Her father then married Ryan Shawhughes, who is rumoured to have worked as a nanny to Hawke and Thurman for a short while.

Maya also has a younger brother “Levon Hawke”, three year younger than her (born in January 2002). His full name is “Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke”.

Maya did her primary education from “Saint Ann’s School”, Brooklyn, New York but before that she had switched many schools as she has dyslexia. She was diagnosed dyslexic in 3rd grade and with lot of effort, eventually learned to read and write.

Maya did short drama course from “Royal Academy of Dramatic Art” in London and studied acting course from “Stella Adler Studio of Acting” in New York. She also attended the prestigious “Juilliard School” in New York City but dropped out after a year as she landed a role in “Little Women”. Interestingly, her father dropped out from “New York University’s English program” and her mother dropped out of “Northfield Mount Hermon School”, to pursue acting career.

Who are Maya Hawke Siblings?

Maya Hawke Brother: Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke (born 2002)

Maya Hawke half-sister: Clementine Hawke (born 2008)

Maya Hawke half-sister: Indiana Hawke (born 2011)

Maya Hawke half-sister: Luna Thurman-Busson (born 2012)

Who were Maya Hawke great-grandparents? Were they famous?

Maya Hawke’s grandparents:

Maya Hawke’s grandfather: Robert Thurman (American Buddhist author)

Maya Hawke’s grandmother: Nena von Schlebrügge Thurman (former fashion model)

Maya Hawke’s grandfather: James Hawke (insurance actuary)

Maya Hawke’s grandmother: Leslie Hawke (Charity Worker)


How is Maya Hawke related to legendary playwright Tennessee Williams?

Maya Hawke is a great-great-grandniece of playwright Tennessee Williams from his father side. Tennessee was renowned for many original plays including “A Streetcar Named Desire (1947)” & was inducted into the “American Theater Hall of Fame”. Here’s a family tree to understand her relation:

Maya Hawke is a great-great-grandniece of playwright Tennessee Williams



The acting bug bit her early as a kid, when she was most happy playing on stage roles in the school plays. When she was only five years old, she played the role of “Jenny” in “Jenny and the School for Cats” school play. She also loved playing the role of pickpocket “Artful Dodger” in “Oliver Twist” play. Then when she was around sixteen years old, she played one of her memorable role of “Agave”, the most tragic women figure, in her high school production of the play “The Bacchae”.

Before she got accepted in Julliard School, she auditioned for the role of “Ariel”, in the live-action version of “The Little Mermaid”. The project hits the shelves and Sofia Coppola, who was roped in to direct the film, quit, when the studio didn’t give her Hawke as lead.


Maya was in her second semester at Julliard when she auditioned and got the role of Josephine “Jo” March in the 2017 BBC television historical drama adaptation of the 1868 novel “Little women” by Louisa May Alcott.

Little women was the first novel Maya read completely when she was in 8th grade, without using any audiobook despite being Dyslexic.

She prepared for the role by watching all the past actresses like Katharine Hepburn, June Allyson and stranger things co-star Winona Ryder, who had played the character in the past, to get some inspiration.

Her critique for the character of “Jo” changed over the years. When she first read the novel, she couldn’t believe that “Jo” didn’t end up with “Laurie” but over the years she thinks she should have end up alone.

Maya’s BFF Kathryn Newton played the role of her younger sister “Amy March” in the series.

Maya won the best actress award for little women in the “Made for Television Movie / Limited Series” category at the 20th WIN (Women’s Image Awards). Academy award nominee and BAFTA winning Actress “Amy Watson”, who played her mother in the miniseries was also nominated in the same category.

Maya next did an indie thriller feature film titled “Ladyworld”, released in 2018. She played the role of “Romy” in the film which was an all-female take on the 1954 novel “Lord of the Flies”. The film currently holds an audience score of 33% on rotten tomatoes.


Maya Hawke then landed few good scenes in director Quentin Tarantino’s 2019 comedy drama film titled “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Maya appeared in the role of “Flower Child”, one of Charles Manson’s family members. “Flower Child” was not the nickname of any member but the character in the film is inspired by Linda Kasabian.

Maya’s mother Uma is considered to be the “Muse” for Quentin having worked in two of his finest work- “Pulp Fiction” & “Kill Bill”.


Maya landed her breakout role when she was casted as the main character of “Robin Buckley” in the 3rd season of super-hit Netflix series “Stranger Things”. Though she herself never watched the show’s previous two season at the time, but realized its popularity soon, when her Instagram followers shoots up within a day of her characters announcement.

Her characters coming-out scene is considered one of the best twist in the season, which was appreciated by the shows fan whole heartedly. Maya explained herself that the decision to make her character lesbian was taken by the duffer brothers as the shows filming evolve and they handled it very gracefully.

The fourth season of Stranger things is scheduled for a 2021 release and reportedly she will earn $250,000 per episode (that’s $2 Million for the 8 episode), same as other stranger things main characters.

Maya then played the role of “Shannon Hagel” in the 2019 American-Italian drama film titled “Human Capital”. The film was an adaption of Stephen Amidon’s 1977 novel of the same name and Maya acted alongside “Liev Schreiber”, “Marisa Tomei” and “Betty Gabriel”.

Maya also did a short indie film in 2019 titled “As they slept”. She played the role of “Margaret’ and actress “Rachel Hilson” played the role of “Eleanor”, two young women at a turning point of their young lives.

Maya Hawke’s upcoming movie relese in pipeline includes “Mainstream”, an upcoming American drama film directed by “Gia Coppola”. She had completed the shoot for the film in which she plays a shy but creative role of “Frankie” alongside actor “Andrew Garfield”.


Since she was little, Maya felled an affinity towards poems, music and songs. She loved to write songs, play guitar, sing for friends & family and have jam sessions with her dad.

In her youth, she understood the power of lyrics and melodies. The poems in Shakespeare & John Patrick Shanley plays and the poetry in Leonard Cohen songs, just captivated her imagination.

In August 2019, Maya Hawkes made her EP debut with 2 songs; “To Love a Boy” on the A-Side and “Stay Open” on the B-Side. Maya wrote the lyrics to “To Love a Boy” as a poem while Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter “Jesse Harris” wrote the melody.

Jesse is an old friend of her father, who also wrote the soundtrack for Ethan’s film adaptation of his debut novel “The Hottest State”.

Maya got inspiration for the poem after re-watching the 2017 gay love story “Call me by your name”.

Her upcoming debut album titled “Blush” is set to release on June 19, 2020 but on March 18, 2020, she released a single from the album titled “By Myself” on her YouTube channel (@Maya Hawke), which has since gathered 230 K views.



  • Coverage
  • By myself
  • A river like you
  • Menace
  • Hold the sun
  • Bringing me down
  • Cricket
  • Stay Open
  • Catch me
  • Rose and thorn
  • To love a boy
  • Goodbye Rocket ship


Maya Thurman-Hawke is represented by CAA (Creative Artists Agency) Modelling agency in Los Angeles.

Maya made her magazine editorial debut with the “AllSaints far From Here Campaign Spring 2017” and later the same year she was featured in her 2nd Magazine editorial for “British Vogue” titled “Flight Path”. Her mom Uma’s very first cover, at the age 15, was also for the “British Vogue” December 1985 Issue.

Maya made her advertisement campaign debut with the “Calvin Klein Underwear Spring/Summer 2017” campaign. The women campaign was directed by “Sofia Coppola” and titled “Calvin Klein or Nothing At All”. Watch Maya Hawke’s hot and sexy avatar in Calvin Klein underwear and bikini here:

Next she did a “Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2019” Film Campaign, titled “Somewhere, Nowhere”.

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Maya Thurman-Hawke made her Met Gala debut at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 7, 2018 in New York City, where she wore a “Diane Von Furstenberg” dress according to the theme “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & the Catholic Imagination”.



Maya’s net worth individually (not including her father’s $55 Million USD and mother’s $45 Million USD) is estimated to be around $3 Million USD in 2020. But that figure is going to skyrocket quickly in 2021 since as the new main cast of 4th season of stranger things she will be paid $2 Million USD.

Maya ray Thurman Hawke has been active on her official Instagram account (@Maya_Hawke) since late 2012 and had an ever increasing follower base once she starred on Netflix Stranger things 3. She currently has 3 Million followers on her Instagram as of April 2020, gaining the Instagram “it girl” influencer status.

On an average Maya posts 3-4 Instagram post a week and each of her post receive tons of love from her followers. She has an engagement rate of 4.99% & receives on average around 150,000 likes and around 500 comments on each of her post.

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