Mirjam Cherie

German beauty Mirjam Cherie is an Instagram influencer and Bang energy model, popular through her Instagram (@mirjamcheriefitness) where she posts amazing snaps with her 1.8 Million followers.

Real Name: Mirjam Cherie

Age: 28 Years

Birthday: 20 August 1992

Profession: Model

Figure Measurements: 34-28-36

Boyfriend: No (Single)

Mirjam Cherie Biography

Born on August 20, 1992, Mirjam Cherie is currently 28 Years old (as of November 2020). She was born and grew up in Germany. She is the only child of her parents and no other siblings.

Mirjam Cherie is 5 feet 5 inches (170 cm) tall and maintains a healthy weight of 58 kg. Her other physical stats includes 34 inch (Bust), 28 inch (Waist) and 36 inch (Hips). A strong supporter of PETA, Mirjam has travelled around the world for many wildlife projects.

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Mirjam started her YouTube channel (@Mirjams Fitness Empire) in January 2016, where she posts content related to fitness equipment’s, workout routines and Gym wear try-on videos for women.

Mirjam hits 10 K subscribers on 7 march 2019 and 20 K subscribers on 29 September 2020. She has posted a total of 75 videos in this channel gaining 2K-10K Views per day and a total of 2 Million video views.

Most of Mirjam Cherie’s viewers are male in the age group of 25-34 followed by women’s in the same age group. Subscribers in this age group has spending potential hence a great metric for her channel. The next age group audience she hooked is in 18-24 age group, good for increasing social media reach.

Almost 80% of her subscribers are based in Germany followed by 8% Austrians and the rest from Belgium, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

Her YouTube Partner Earning is estimated to be around $ 500-$ 1.26K per month and her potential earning from each of her YouTube video is estimated to be around $ 430, based on her Audience geolocation and CPM.

You Tube ChannelMirjams Fitness Empire
20 K milestoneSeptember 2020
Income/month€ 430 – € 1080
Most Viewed VideoSHEIN Next Level BIKINI Try-On (540 K views)
Popular Tags#fitgerman, #exercise

Mirjam is also the co-owner of one of the top rated fitness App in Germany called “@fitcoachapp” along with German model Manu Teufel. The app gives content about healthy diet (over 600+ recepies), Over 120 exercises built into more than 40 workouts and 16 progressive workout programs, latest trend and fashion in Gym wears, in both English and German language. Mirjam earns around 4.50$/month from each member from her fitness App.

Mirjam is also an Elite Bang Energy model and earns $700/week, up to a salary of $40,000 USD a year. Being a Bang Energy Influencers she make an average of $3100 per video post, $2000 for an image post, and $720 for a brand promotion story on her official Instagram page (@mirjamcheriefitness), where she has a whopping 1.8 Million followers. She has also done paid promotions with “Body Attack Sports Nutrition” and many other German brands.

Net worth of German fitness model Mirjam Cherie is estimated to be around 300 K USD or € 2, 57,800 in 2020.


Mirjam was diagnosed with week back in her teens and in 2008, on advice of her doctor, she started rehabilitation exercises. The necessity soon transformed into a passion and Mirjam never looked back after that. She follows a gruelling 1 hour fitness regime to keep her physique toned and her curves sculpted in all the right places. Here’s her fitness routine and diet plan for that amazing body, that made her fans go weak in the knees.

Mirjam Routine: Legs exercises

  • 10 reps of 5 Squats including one 15 min warm up set & 1 dropset
  • 10 reps of 4 Abductor exercises
  • 4×10 reps of Leg Extension exercises
  • 4×12 reps of Leg Curls
  • 4×12 reps of Leg Press

Mirjam Routine: Chest & Triceps Exercises

  • 5×10 reps of Bench Press exercises including one 15 min warm up set &1 dropset
  • 5×12 reps of Butterfly Stretch
  • 4×12 reps of Dumbbell chest fly
  • 10 reps of Standard and Knee Push Ups, Dips and Kick Backs

Mirjam Routine: Back & Biceps Exercises

  • Row Machine: 5×10 reps (1 warm up, 1 dropset)
  • Butterfly Reverse: 4x 10 reps
  • 4×10 reps of Lat Pulldown for upper body
  • 4×12 reps of Barbell Biceps Curls
  • Concentration Curls: 4×12 reps

FAQ On Mirjam Cherie

Is Mirjam Cherie dating someone?

No Mirjam Cherie is currently single.

Is mirjam cherie taller than anastasia mut?

No Anastasia Mut is taller than Mirjam Cherie.

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