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Nancy Momoland, the cute wink fairy in the South Korean all girl K-Pop group called “Momoland”, is the youngest and most experienced singer in the group. She is also part of another K-Pop girl group called “Sunny Girls” and soon to be seen as an actress in a FilipinoTV series. Other than Korea, Japan, Philippines, Nancy recently has been a huge craze in India. In 2019, she gained popularity on TIK-TOK, over there and then within a short time became one of the most searched celebrity of 2019.


Nancy was born on Thursday, April 13th, 2000 in “Daegu city”, in the “North Gyeongsang Province” of South Korea, to an American father of Irish descent and Korean mother. Nancy grew up in Ohio, USA. Nancy Momoland (낸시모모랜드) is her stage name, while her full American name is “Nancy Jewel Mcdonie (낸시맥도니)”. Her Korean nameLee Seung Ri (이승리)”, but recently in 2019, she changed her Korean name to “Lee Geu roo (이그루)”. Nancy also goes by nicknames like “Spinach”, “Aenaen” and “Jonaensi”, amongst her close and loved ones.

Birthday April 13th, 2000
Age 19 years old
Height 162 cm (5 feet 3.7 inches)
Weight 45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood Group O
Momoland Group Position Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual, Center, Maknae



Nancy’s father name is “Richard McDonie”, a former US Army personnel and her Mother’s name is “Lee Myung Joo”. She also had an elder sister named “Brenda Mcdonie”, who is a cellist, studied at “College of Music, Kyung Hee University”, South Korea. Nancy took her mother’s maiden name “Lee”, for her Korean name. When she changed her name to “Geu Roo”, she explained it was because she wanted to grow up like a big tree. Her family are a practising Catholic Christians.

Nancy Jewel McDonie Pic (Image courtesy Instagram – @MOMOLAND NANCY)


Nancy did her primary education from “Hyoja Elementary School”, South Korea and then On February 12th, 2019, she graduated from “Hanlim Multi Art School”, Songpa District in Seoul, South Korea. Momoland’s “JooE”, who was her roommate in the school, graduated with her along with 17 other K-Pop Idols; which were “TWICE‘s” Tzuyu and ChaeYoung, “LipBubble‘s” EunByul, “Fromis_9‘s” ChaeYoung, “DreamNote‘s” Miso, “Golden Child‘s” BoMin, “TRCNG‘s” JiSung and HyunWoo, “ASTRO‘s” SanHa, “IZ*ONE‘s” Kim ChaeWon, “THE BOYZ‘s” Hwall and SunWoo, “Produce 48’s” Go YuJin, Son EunChae and Han ChoWon, “GWSN‘s” Anne and “NewKidd‘s” JinKwon.

Momoland’s Nancy and Jooe Graduation Pic


Nancy, when she was only 10 years of age, used to be in a four girl hip-hop dance group called “Cutie Pies” and in 2011, they auditioned on “Korea’s Got Talent (KGT)” and reached the semifinals.

In 2010, as a child artist, she was the main cast of EBS’s “Hangul Train Chipo”

From 2011-2014, Nancy was part of Tooniverse’s kid’s real variety show “Mak Irae Show: Just Do It Expedition”, where she had the opportunity to visit Philippines and Saipan, along with other child actors, which all are famous now; like South Korean actress “Kim Yoo-jung” & “Kim Hye-in”, Kim Dong-hyeon (AKA rapper MC Gree) and actor “Shin Dong Woo” & “Noh Tae Yub”.

In 2014, Nancy was one of the main cast of “Tooniverse Nangam school 2”.

In 2016, Nancy was featured in South Korean rapper “MC Gree’s” music video titled “Dangerous”.

During 2017-2018, Nancy also hosted the iconic music program show called “Pops in Seoul”, airing on Arirang TV; that has been introducing the latest K-pop songs since 1998.

In October 2017, Momoland’s “Nancy” and former ZE:A member “Minwoo”, played the lead roles in ”Some Light”, the first web music drama in Korea.

In December 2017, Nancy was featured in Korean boy band SNUPER’s single music video titled “Stand by me”. She was also featured in SNUPER’s 2018 music video “You in my eyes (English version)”.

(스누퍼) ‘내 눈에는 니가’

In January 2020, Nancy Jowel Mcdonie of Momoland is going to debut her television career with a new Filipino drama titled “The Soulmate”, opposite actor “James Reid”. Momoland gained a massive following in Philipines, especially because of Nancy, as she is said to have an uncanny resemblance to Filipino-American actress “Liza Soberano”. On December 2019, Liza met the K-Pop star and shared their pic on Instagram, flooding the post with almost 900 K likes. It is also interesting to note that “Nancy” was ranked in the 18th position in TC Chandler’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018”, while “Liza” was ranked 4th in the same year.


Momoland, the South Korean girl group was formed by “MLD Entertainment”, through the 2016, 9 episode reality show “Finding Momoland”.

The show’s seven winners became the seven members of “Momoland”, which were “Hyebin (혜빈)”, “Jane (제인)”, “Nayun (나윤)”, “JooE (주이)”, “Yeonwoo (연우)”, “Ahin (아인)” and “Nancy (낸시)”. They all debuted with the EP “Welcome to Momoland” on 10th November 2016. In 2017, Momoland added two new group member, “Daisy (데이지)” (on March 28, 2017) and “Kim Taeha (김태하)” (on 10th April 2017); making Momoland a group of nine member’s. “Taeha” and “Daisy” were side-lined from the group since March 2019, manifesting discontent among this K-pop’s fandom, known as “Merry-go-Round”.

Nancy has the maximum years of experience in singing and dancing, amongst all the group members, as before joining “MLD Entertainment”, she was trained for 6 years by talent agency “Nega Network”.

Momoland’s (Nancy) all Songs list:

1  Welcome to MOMOLAND (2016) 1.     Welcome to MOMOLAND

2.    어기여차 (Uh-Gi-Yeo-Cha)

3.    짠쿵쾅 (JJang! Koong! Kwang!)

4.    상사병 (Love Sick)

2 Freeze! (2017) 1.    꼼짝마 (Freeze)

2.    좋아 (I Like It)

3.    너, 어느 별에서 왔니 (What Planet Are You From?)

4.    오르골 (Orgel) Lyrics

5.    Wonderful Love (EDM Version)

3 Wonderful love (2017) Wonderful Love (어마어마해)
4 GREAT! (2018) 1.     BBoom BBoom

2.    Curious

3.    Fly

4.    Same Same

5 Tempted(위대한 유혹자) OST (2018) 1.     Hug me(안아줘)
6 BBoom BBoom (2018) 1.     BBoom BBoom(Japanese ver.)

2.    Welcome to MOMOLAND(Japanese ver.)

7 Fun To The World (2018) 1.     BAAM

2.    Very Very

3.    Bingo Game

4.    Only one you

8 BAAM (2018) 1.     BAAM -Japanese ver.

2.    Only one you -Japanese ver.

9 Show Me (2019) 1.     I’m So Hot

2.    Falling U

3.    빛나(Light Up)

4.    Holiday

5.    What You Want

10 I’m So Hot (2019) 1.     I’m So Hot -Japanese ver.

2.    Curious -Japanese ver.

12 Chiri Chiri (2019) 1.     Chiri Chiri

2.    Pinky Love

3.    Wonderful Love (EDM Version) -Japanese ver.

4.    Freeze -Japanese ver.

13 Thumbs Up (2019) —expected release date 30 December 2019—-


Nancy is also part of another girl K-Pop group called “Sunny Girls (써니걸스)”’ which is a Project group formed for “SBS Inkigayo(인기가요)”, a Korean music program broadcast by SBS. The girl group is made of 5 members, who were already part of different girl groups: “G-Friend’s” Eunha, “Cosmic Girls’” Cheng Xiao, “Oh My Girl’s” YooA, “Gugudan’s” Nayoung, and “Momoland’s” Nancy. They made their official debut on November 27, 2016, at Inkigayo SBS, with the title track “Taxi“.

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