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Neha kakkar is a singing sensation with a rare, distinct, melodious thin voice. She is the most followed and popular Indian singer currently in the country and titled as the selfie queen among her fans. From singing in jaagran’s to be the Indian singer who sang the most viewed song on YouTube; ever, she has a journey both remarkable and inspiring.


Neha kakkar was born on 6 June 1988 in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. Her zodiac sign is Gemini and her height without shoes is close to 4 ft 9 inches. As Gemini have mercury as their ruling planet, she was bound to be expressive, quick witted, sociable and ready for fun with a tendency to suddenly get serious. Currently she is 30 y/o (as on April 2018).

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She was born in family of Jai Narayan Kakkar and kimi Kakkar. She got the encouragement to start singing at an early age of four, especially from her father. From age four to sixteen she sang mostly bhajans in congested streets and alleyways of Delhi, in jaagran’s and mata ki chawki. She also have an elder brother tony kakkar and an elder sister sonu kakkar.

Neha kakkar family:

Neha parents and the whole family had moved to uttam nagar, Delhi from rishikesh, uttarakhand when neha was around two years old.

She used to go with her elder sister sonu kakkar in jaagran’s around Delhi and Gurgaon. She recalls how people love when her sister performs in jaagran’s. At age of four, she also started to perform in religious events from evening seven till five next morning. She get paid INR 100 for her first performance.

Though most people loves their performance, there are always a few who criticises her father for making both his daughters sing in public events.

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From age four to sixteen she has performed in numerous jaagran’s, attending four to five events in a day. Her father had struggled hard for their livelihood during those days, there were times when they don’t even have any money for their school and tuition fees.

He used to sell samosa’s outside her sister sonu kakkar’s school and some of her sister’s friends used to tease sonu for that and on one occasion some classmate of her sister taunts her by saying “don’t talk these big things, just sell samosa’s outside with your father” .this one comment made an impression on back of her mind and she was determined to give a respected place to her parents in the society and fulfil all their dreams one day.

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Neha went to “new holy public school” in uttam nagar, Delhi. When she was in 11th standard, she auditioned for Indian idol season 2 in 2006. She had to quit her studies to take part in the contest and had never continued her studies after that.

Her elder brother tony kakkar is two years older and her sister sonu kakkar is four years older than her. All three kakkar siblings still perform together in events, albums and tours around the world.

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Neha never took any formal training in singing but she practices singing regularly. She always looks up to her elder sister sonu kakkar and dreams to sing like her, someday. She also took guidance from her sister on how to do riyaaz and how to sing a particular song in a particular way.

The three sibling’s had released a song titled “the story of the kakkar’s chapter 1”: feat. Tony kakkar, sonu kakkar and neha kakkar. The song’s melodiously tells the struggle story of the kakkar family.

Neha kakkar’s first playback recording was for saregama HMV and it was also a bhajan of sherawali mata.
Neha has recorded many songs for bollywood after indian idol including songs like “Laaya tu laaya yaara kaisi jagah ……..Gazab bhayo raama, zulm bhayo raama” from the movie “Aa Dekhen Zara” .

Which later recorded and released in sunidhi Chauhan’s voice. She also recorded for the song “ TV pe breaking news haaye re mera ghagra haaye” from the movie “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”,the song was later sung by rekha Bhardwaj.

Both these songs were not released in neha’s voice since her voice sounds too young to be featured on bipasha basu and madhuri dixit.

But her first bollywood song that came out was the Song – “Hai Rama” from the movie: “Meerabai Not Out” .the song was picturized on mandira bedi and neha’s co singer was sukhwinder singh, whom she idolizes as a singer. The composer of the song was Sandesh Shandilya.

Neha kakkar height:

Neha kakkar height is around 4’9”.though many people always make fun or tease her for her short height, she never bowed down in discouragement. The public singing from tender age had always been a source of self-confidence for her. Apart from that she never let any hate comments to influence her in any way.

Today for all those people who commented on her height, she even had following strong message posted through her Instagram with hashtags like (#proud of being short , #size does not matter) : “I’m a Short Girl who’s gone so High that people who made fun of me, can’t even touch Me Now!”. And as for her loving fans she amusingly says: “I am not short, my height is just cute”.

“I’m a Short Girl who’s gone so High that people who made fun of me, can’t even touch Me Now!”

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Neha kakkar official app:

Neha kakkar had launched her official app “neha kakkar app”, which released on 21 December 2016.
That’s a fun way to engage her followers and also a chance for the fans to #beseen by their favourite star. The app also had a fan board, featuring neha kakkar’s biggest fans.

The users can:-
(i) Check out the in-app social feed for live updates and videos of neha kakkar
(ii) Boost their comments with “stars”, and become a top three fan and be seen by neha kakkar. The “stars” can be earned by using the app and posting regularly on the fan feed or one can also buy the “stars” from the main menu.
(iii) Join exciting contests and win amazing prizes like neha kakkar’s live show’s ticket and even a lucky personal meet up with her.
(iv) Listen to free built-in playlist.

Neha kakkar earnings and net worth:

Neha kakkar is one of the top paid female singers in India. The only female singers ahead of her are maybe Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghosal. She earns around 8-9 lakh INR per song recording. She also earns 20 lakh INR per live concert show. She owns a Mercedes GLS 350d (Priced at Rs. 82.9 lakh ) an Audi Q7. She gifted a Toyota Fortuner to her parents in 2015.

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Neha kakkar likes:

Neha is an avid traveller, apart from overseas concerts and shows, she always took some time for travelling with friends and family. She really likes Dalai Lama’s quote: once a year, go someplace you never been before and follows it heartily. She had been to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Maldives and the USA. She likes mostly coastal beach cities where it is neither too hot nor too cold. She especially disliked winter as a kid.

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Neha is also a foodie and loves trying different street foods and cuisines. She is vegetarian. In her teens and even yet, she really likes the street foods like chhole-kulche, gol gappe and tikkas of delhi’s kamla nagar market. She also loves to go to “kinbuck2” restaurant in Connaught place, New Delhi. She especially likes the dal makhni and lacha paraantha there. But the one food that she can’t have enough is homemade rajma chawal.

Neha kakkar indian idol:

neha kakkar participated in indian idol season 2 ,as a contestant from delhi. The season aired from 21 November 2005 to 22 April 2006 on sony entertainment channel. She was among the top final 12 contestants of the season. She was third contestant to get eliminated (in the first week of February 2006) and stood at 10th position in the season. Today’s another successful singer monali Thakur also got eliminated just a week after neha kakkar. The winner, Sandeep Acharya died from jaundice in December 2013.

Neha was unable to participate in the indian idol music album (launched on 16 january 2006), due to chicken pox. She had even missed out on the week long rehearsals for the gala round and also some singing and grooming lessons from the mentors.

The only good news that came for neha during hospitalization was that her favorite TV star Rajeev Khandelwal paid her a visit and spends half an hour with her .He singed a song with her and watched some of her previous recordings from Indian idol.

But the one thing she says she is going to remember always is that when Rajeev complimented her by saying that she is not just a good singer but an actress too.

The judges are also very shocked to see that neha got such low votes from the audience. On her elimination Anu Malik said, “I don’t know what is it that the viewers are voting for? Looks like they have decided to go against the judges. I am very sad for Neha Kakkar. I know for a fact that she is a brilliant singer”.

Neha kakkar will be joining anu malik and vishal Dadlani as judges for the 10th season of indian idol. Neha is thrilled to be a part of the show and thinks that Life has truly come a full circle as her singing career began with her being a contestant on this very show and now she is going to be judging it.

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Neha kakkar songs :

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