Nikita Dutta, Biography, Age & Bollywood Career

Nikita Dutta Biography: Born on November 13, 1993, Nikita Dutta is a very well known TV actress. She belongs to Delhi. Her parents, father, Kumar Dutta and mother, Alka Dutta, live in Mumbai only with her sister Ankita Dutta.

Nikita’s father is in navy and this is one of the reasons why Nikita spent most of her early life in Vishakhapatnam, Mumbai and Kochi only. With father in Navy, Nikita was always a rule follower and acting, in her family was strictly prohibited. The family believed in different morals and never allowed her to act initially. Nikita too didn’t try much.

Early Life, Education & Wiki

Being born in a strict family and with enough interest in acting and modelling, Nikita Dutta knew that things wouldn’t come easy if she doesn’t focus on her studies first. She completed her schooling from a school in Mumbai and then started pursuing her graduation from St. Xavier’s College. After completing her graduation in economics, Nikita tried to convince her parents to allow her to get into acting and so they did. Finally, Nikita had a chance to get into her dream profession. She also joined an acting school nearby to polish her acting skills and entered the industry with enough enthusiasm and is loved by her fans for the same.

Career in Acting

Nikita Dutta is one of the finalists of 2012 Femina Miss India. She took her first step into the Bollywood industry with a small role in the bollywood comedy film ‘Le Kar Hum Deewana Dil’. The movie was directed by the nawab, Said Ali Khan but eventually was a big flop and did not get enough fame and acknowledge to Nikita’s way. Nikita understood that Bollywood was out of her league for a while so she tried acting in TV series. Her first TV serial was Dream Girl- Ek Ladki Deewani Si. She played a side role here but the show was a big hit. Next, she played the role of Suman Tiwari in Ek Dooje Ke Waste. Again, the show was a super hit. This is when Nikita knew where she belonged. She continued in TV series and worked with different TV channels including life ok and Soni.


Nikita Dutta’s only dream was to get fame and become an actress but her family didn’t allow her to act because it was prohibited in their family. Later on, when Nikita reached the finals of 2012 Femina Miss India, her father realized that their daughter has those acting and modelling skills so he moulded his rules for his daughter and allowed her to work as an actress. It was not easy for Nikita to pursue her dreams. She was being rejected so many times for not performing well and not meeting the demands of the industry. She was also being blamed for the low TRPs of the channels which broadcasted her shows. Nikita Dutta was also given an ultimatum to either polish her skills or part her ways. This was a tough time for her and it also gave her some mental illness. Finally, the actress came out with acting skills all polished and as amazing as an experienced actor. Now, every other director wants to cast her in their shows but she is very choosy.

Bollywood Comeback

Recently, Nikita Dutta made her comeback to the Bollywood industry with the movie ‘Gold‘ in 2018 with Akshay Kumar as the lead character. This was a big chance for her and eventually, the film was a big hit. This time she turned out to be a gem. Next movie in which she appeared was also a big hit of 2019 co-starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani. The movie’s name might have been guessed by you by now? Yes, talking about Kabeer Singh. Nikita Dutta played the supportive role of Jia Sharma in the movie. The movie got enough fame to prepare for her next big hit. Nikita will surely do good in her future projects in Bollywood industry. It’s so much clear by her comebacks. Good luck Nikita!

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