Niti Taylor Biography, Age, Height And Actress Career

Niti Taylor was born on 8 November 1994. The 24-year-old Indian TV actress, Niti Taylor is really touching heights. Starting her career as a social media influencer, Niti has now gained a good fan following with some real 1.4 million fans on Instagram. By her Instagram pictures, we can clearly say that Niti Taylor is a happy-go-lucky child. In 99% of her pictures, she’s posing with just a smile. Many followers of hers are a die-hard fan of her smile. Wish a smile that beautiful, anyone can rule the world.

Niti Taylor Career & Wiki

Niti started her career as social media influence and only entered the Indian television by her debut serial Pyaar Ka Bandhan in 2009. Earlier she played her role in different South Indian movies too. She wasn’t well known by the time until she played the role of Nandini Moorthi in one of the best hits of MTV India, Kaisi Yeh Yariyan. Here, she played the role of a 19-year-old girl who belonged to a middle-class family and got admitted into a high-class college. She got admission on the basis of her all India ranking in +2. There she meets many people who become her family. The show was a love story of a couple whose roles were played by Parth Samthaan and Niti Mohan. The story was also based on friendship. Kaisi Yeh Yariyan included drama, romance, criticism, fun and emotional moments. It was very popular among teenagers. There were many actors being cast in the show including Niti Taylor, Parth Samthaan, Charlie Chauhan, Veebha Anand and Krissann Barretto. Along with the TV Show, Kaisi Yeh Yariyan, she has also been featured in many video songs including Parindey Ka Pagalpan (2016), Gussa (2018), Halka Halka Suroor Hai (2018), Mera Yaar (2018) and Cappuccino (2019). Her songs were either Hindi or Punjabi. Not just an actress but Niti Taylor is now a real-life social media Influencer and Instagram model too. She poses for different magazines and shoots for several companies. These days, Niti is on cloud seven and it seems really good to see her rising higher and higher into her career.

Relationships & Boyfriend

Niti Taylor was known to have been dating her co-star Parth Samthaan. The news of the couple dating each other is probably a myth. Parth had been a child of controversies ever since he earned fame through his role of Manav in Kaisi Yeh Yariyan. Although, through one of the Instagram posts of Niti Taylor, it is somewhat clear that she had some feelings for Parth and they were quite mutual. In the caption, she had asked someone to call her babies forever and undoubtedly, everyone knows who called her by that name. Well, in one of Parth’s Instagram posts, he had also mentioned something as good as a sign for Niti that he loved her. Later on, we find out that Parth had been in a serious relationship with Disha Patani (Paatni).

Even during their relationship, Parth had been controverted to have been dating his Godfather, the man who gave him a break into the industry. Parth was being claimed to have been blackmailing the director after their breakup. To this, Parth comes clear with detailed information of his and Disha Patani’s relationship. This didn’t save him much because eventually the pictures of him in red boxers from his trip with the director were leaked. This furthermore proved him wrong and the allegations right. When it comes to Neeti Taylor and Parth Samthaan relationship, they never claimed officially to have been dating each other but both of them, in one way or another, expressed their feelings for each other. While on one hand, Parth Samthaan said that he and Niti Taylor don’t need to be best friends ( which meant they were already at level 2), on the other hand, Neeti said that he and Parth are on fire. If anyone could guess what it meant, well, yes! Later on, things got really heated up between the two. While the fans were expecting the couple to get engaged shortly and become a real-life together forever type couple, they both unknotted the ties between themselves. The show had also suffered a lot due to their personal relationship issues and so, both the actors gave a good comeback.

When asked, Neeti said that whatever is going on in their personal lives, was not supposed to have disturbed their professional lives. With this enthusiasm and mindset, they came back to the show and the show continued. Can’t say much about the real-life relationship and chemistry of Niti Taylor and Parth Samthaan but clearly their on-screen chemistry brough all the emotions on our faces. Their acting together was mind-blowing and the way they romanced, we had already imagined them married for real.

Now that Niti is over Parth if in case she had anything serious with him, she’s engaged recently, Parikshit Bawa. She reveals her engagement through an Instagram post and during an interview, also says that she doesn’t plan on getting married this year. This is really a sad part for all the boys who had been dreaming about her. Surely Parth would’ve felt bad but maybe the two weren’t supposed to be together. Neeti and her fiance, Parikshit look really cute together in their engagement pictures. Parikshit had given Niti a really expensive ring which she adores and shows off in her latest posts. We wish the couple really good luck.

Neeti Taylor was never a part of controversies until Parth Samthaan happened to her. The one reason why Niti had to stop getting closer to Parth is because of his careless behaviour and attitude towards females. According to a colleague of theirs, Parth had created a WhatsApp group with almost all his male colleagues in it. He named the group ‘Wh*res and more wh*res’. In this group, he used to discuss the different females he had had any flings with and also abused them. In the same group, he had posted audio of him abusing Niti Taylor, who was at that time, in love with him. Parth Samthaan’s recording reached Niti and she got fumed up. Indirectly she posted a tweet about him. She didn’t name anyone yet, delivered her message. Because tweets are too short, she chose to write down all her feelings in her phone’s notepad and posted the screenshot in the tweet. She was really disappointed with Parth, who drank posted the audio. Since then, the two had their separate ways and Neeti also said that whatever she shared with Parth was all out of childishness. Now that they are both grown up, they realised that they don’t belong together and so, got separated.

No matter whatever happened to her and whosoever tried to play around with her, Neeti Taylor still smiles for her fans in her Instagram posts and writes all the positive captions which can calm anyone. This positive attitude of Neeti is what brings her closer to her success. The girl is a real-life example of beauty with brains. We wish her all the happiness in the world and very best for her to be married life. We also expect her to always keep smiling and postimg the same positive pictures of hers on her Instagram.

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