Oriana González Marzoli is a reality TV actress, Instagram influencer and viral TikToker based in Madrid Spain. Popular as a contestant on Spanish reality shows like “La casa fuerte” & “MyHyV”, Oriana boasts a massive following of 2 Million on Instagram. Let’s cover the bio, nationality, height, boyfriends, net worth & TV career of the fashion maven, who is regarded as one of the most controversial celebrity in Latin America.


Oriana Marzoliwas born on March 13, 1992 in Caracas, Venezuela. When she was only 3 or 4 years old, her family moved to “Isla de Margarita”, Venezuela. Her birthplace is Caracas and she is currently 28 Years old (as of November 2020). Her full name is Oriana González Marzoli and her birth sign is Pisces.

Oriana Marzoli’s is not a very tall actress with height of 5 feet 2¼ inches (158 cm tall) but she has a envy enticing curvaceous figure with a healthy weight of 51 kg. Her other physical stats like body measurements are 35-24-35 in US size. Her natural hair color is coffee brown and she has beautiful light brown eyes.


Age: 28 Years old

Date of Birth: 13 March 1992

Height: 5′ 2¼” (1.58m)

Nationality: Italian

Net Worth: €100,000

Oriana Marzoli Nationality

Oriana Marzoli nationality is Italian.

Oriana Marzoli’s nationality and ethnicity had been a very curious topic amongst her Spanish and Latin American fans. But they will be surprised to know that Oriana is neither Spanish, nor Venezuelan or Chilean. Nationality of Oriana Marzoli is actually Italian and here’s the reason why.

Oriana’s mother name is Cristina Marzoli and her father is Carlos González, both hailing from Venezuela. But she is a proper European citizen due to her Italian nationality because her grandfather was Roman, hailing from Rome, Italy. She is also a polyglot, speaking Spanish, Italian and English languages very fluently.

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Oriana Marzoli Education

As far as her education is concerned, Oriana lived and studied in Caracas, Venezuela till she was 12 years old. She attended a nursery school named “’Winnie the Pooh’” and then attended the school of nuns of “la Consolación”. She also took tennis lessons up until 2004, when her parents, unhappy about the Venezuelan government politics, moved to Spain.

She has been in Spain since she was 12 years old. She possesses an Italian DNI (National Identity card), a Spanish NIE (Foreigners’ Identification Number) and even have Chilean document but nothing from Venezuela. Her name on Italian DNI is actually “Oriana González Palacios.

After finishing her high school studies, she attended the “Faculty of Law” at “Complutense University of Madrid”, as she always inclined towards becoming a lawyer. However, she only managed to study six months of law before dropping out of college.


Oriana Marzoli’s love life and dating history have been as explosive as her personality. She dated many guys in high school before the list started gaining famous names. Her first boyfriend was Italian Reality TV star Tony Spina, whom she met in 2012 on popular dating show in Spain called “Mujeres y hombres y viceversa”. The relationship with Tony Spina (@tonyspina_89) lasted for two years (2013-2015), before they broke-up; Tony is currently dating “Mayka Rivera.”

Oriana was then in an on-off relationship with Spanish reality TV actor Álex Consejo Iglesias (Instagram-@consejo8), during 2014-2016. She then had her longest 3 year relationship with now ex-boyfriend Luis Mateucci. She met the Argentine businessman in 2016, during the reality show “Would you go back with your ex (¿Volverías con tu ex).” After winning the Chilean reality show with Luis Mateucci (Instagram -@luis_mateucciof), Oriana dated him from 2016-2019, when the couple finally parted their ways.

Oriana has a short fling with her MyHyV partener Iván González in 2020. Their love story was very shaky right from the begining. They had occasional fights in the show but they also gave each other a lot of affection under the sheets. Oriana recently revealed that coexistence problems is the real reason for her break with Iván González (@ivangoonzalez_). Oriana Marzoli is currenly single and hasn’t disclosed the details of marital status & divorce.


Fans of the bold Spanish reality TV star have been always intrigued by the question: How Rich is Oriana Marzoli?; especially due to her exorbitant expenses and a parade of high fashion clothing on social media from Prada to Gucci.

As a frequent reality TV contestant from Spain to Chile, Oriana Marzoli earned a sizeable amount of her net worth from TV acting career. She gets €3000-€5000/week during her stay on any of the show with a lump sum of €10,000 in contract.

A majority of Oriana Marzoli’s income come as an influencer on Instagram and TikTok. She get paid for brand endorsement and paid promotions on her official Instagram handle (@orianagonzalezmarzoli), where the temptress has a whopping 2 Million followers.

She has an excellent engagement rate 6.2 % on Instagram, receiving on average 125K Likes and over 2000 comments on each of her post. A majority of Oriana Marzoli’s followers are Female (60%) and the rest are males. A majority of her Instagram followers 45% hails from Chile, followed by Ecuador at 12%, then Colombia (8%) and the rest from Spain, Venezuela & Montenegro.

Based on these Instagram stats, popularity, the brand value of Oriana Marzoli’s Instagram must earn her €1000 per paid promotion post.

Apart from being the Instagram model in Spain & Chile, Oriana is recently riding the wave of popularity on lip-syncing app TikTok. Her official TikTok account (@oriana_marzoli92) has over 462K followers and 2.2 Million hearts.

She has an superb engagement rate of 5.4 % on TikTok also, receiving on average 1.43 Million video views, 70K likes & 1000 shares per TikTok video. The hottest tiktoker of spain has an estimated platform partner net value of $2.68K – $4.47K.


  • Women and Men and Vice versa 2012 ( Spain )
  • Survivors 2014 ( Spain )
  • Love to Test 2014 ( Chile )
  • Would you come back with your ex 2016 ( Chile )
  • Double temptation 2017 ( Chile )
  • Big Brother VIP 2018 ( Spain )
  • Come and have dinner with me: Summer Edition (2018)
  • A shitty life (2019)
  • The strong house season 1 2020 ( Spain )

Oriana Marzoli began her television career in MYHYV (Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa) in 2012, first as a suitor and later getting her chair as a Tronista. She then participated in Chilean reality show “Amor a prueba” in November 2014 and ranked as the 17th contestant expelled by abandonment.

She then participated in the 9th season of “Supervivientes 2014” with a €200,000 grand prize, but left the competition on day 5. Oriana was then seen in another Chilean show called “¿Volverías con tu ex?” in 2016. She was expelled from the show in week 9 but eventually declared as the co-winner with “Luis Mateucci” at the grand finale.

Oriana again participated in yet another Chilean TV reality show titled “Doble Tentación” in 2017. She entered the competition with then boyfriend “Luis Mateucci” and the couple got expelled for breaking the rules. Her ex-boyfriend Tony Spina was also a contestant on the show and there were some steamy moments encountered between the three.

She then entered the 6th season of reality show “Gran Hermano VIP (España)” aka GH VIP-6 to win the prize money of €100,000, but here also she got evicted on day 2 due to abandonment. Oriana was then seen in cooking reality show “Ven a cenar conmigo: Summer Edition” in 2018, based on the British show “Come dine with me.”

Her latest appearance on TV was in season 1 of Spanish reality show “La casa fuerte”, broadcasted from July 2020 on Telecinco. She was declared as 2nd finalist at the finale with her love interest and resident duo Iván González.


  • Oriana Marzoli’s personal Trainer name is Jaime Lorenzo who has 13K followers on his Instagram (@jaime_lorenzo_pt)
  • Oriana has posed nak3d posed for the magazine ‘Primera Línea’ with both her exes Luis Mateucci in 2017 and Tony Spina in 2015.
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