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In this article we have have covered all details about padmavati movie like story, plot, reviews, cast crew along with box office collections of the movie. Also the full process about how to watch padmavati movie online in HD on amazon and other streaming partners is provided here.


Padmavati Movie Details

Title Padmaavat (2018) (पद्मावत)
Date Of Release 25 Jan 2018
Genre of Movie Drama
Duration Of Movie 163 Minutes
Original Title of Movie PADMAVATI

Procedure to watch padmavati movie online:

Currently the padmavati movie is available free to watch online in HD on the amazon prime services, but you need to subscribe to their prime services which cost you approx a thousand bucks for a full year.

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Padmavati doesn’t claim to be a historically correct movie and neither it is but most of the characters, places and events holds a very historical significance in the history of India.

The movie starts with a little backdrop story of the antagonist in the film, “Alaud-din-Khilji” (played by actor “Ranveer Singh”). It took inspiration from historical event, how during the 13th century one of the Afghan conqueror “Jalal-ud-din Khilji” (played by actor “Raza Murad”) plans to take over the throne of Delhi sultanate. His nephew, “Alaud-din-Khilji” asks Jalaluddin, his daughter “Mehrunisa’s” (played by actress Aditi Rao Hydari) hand in marriage. Their marriage proposal was accepted by the king but “Mehrunisa” was left horrified, when on the night of the event, a courtier witnesses “Alaud-din-Khilji” in an act of adultery with another women.

The next scene in the movie, is rather fictional, just to introduce the protagonist in the film. Princess “Padmavati” of “Sinhala” (played by actress Deepika Padukone) met with Indian Rajput ruler “Maharawal Ratan Singh” (played by actor Shahid Kapoor), co-incidentally during hunting. Padmavati came to know about his first wife “Nagmati” (played by actress “Anupriya Goenka”). A romance blossomed between these two lead characters and eventually they got married.

In the next scene of the movie, Jalaluddin was shown taking over the throne of Delhi Sultanate. But the emperor is facing grave danger to his throne from the Mongol attacks. Alaud-din-Khilji, being the best of the commander, was send to repel the Mongol invasion. Alauddin wins the battle and under the elated state undertakes an unsanctioned raid on Devagiri, kills the king and made the princess his mistress. Jalaluddin’s wife (played by actress “Komal Chhabria”) shows concern regarding his ambitious nephew “Alauddin” but the king sees him as an important asset to his army. He plans to meet Alaud-din-Khilji so that he can impart some sense onto him regarding following orders. The emperor gifts him the slave Malik Kafur (played by actor “Jim Sarbh”), hoping that Alaud-din will take view this as an advice and not as warning. Alauddin had him and his assassinated that night, declaring himself the new Sultan of Delhi.

Back to the protagonist’s story, we see that “Padmavati” journeys to Mewar with Ratan Singh. On one of the night they were having an intimate moment and royal priest, “Raghav Chetan” (played by actor “Ayam Mehta”) was caught enjoying watching them, resulting in his banishment from the kingdom. Having his ego hurt he planned to take revenge. He traveled to Delhi and informs Alaud-din-khilji of Padmavati’s beauty, knowing that the new sultan is fixated to have anything that is exceptional. The sultan of Delhi then led an attack on Ratan Singh’s capital “Chittor”. He took six months and many unsuccessful attempts but couldn’t win the capital. Though historically debated but for the sake of progessing the movie’s story, he eventually was allowed to enter Chittor where he meets “Ratan Singh” and saw “Padmavati”, but not her face.

Enraged, Alaud-din-Khilji capture the king and demands to see Padmavati’s face. Padmavati agrees but only on the condition that she gets to meet her husband first as well as the death of the priest “Raghav Chetan”.

The Rajput plans to free their king while the delhi sultan was engrossed with the pride of his win and his lust to see padmavati. They freed the king with the help of Jalaudin’s daughter “Mehrunisa”.

Alau-din-khilji again attacked rattan singh. But not to spoil any of your final movie moment we will let you guess who won the fight and whose queen did Padmavati finally became.


Padmaavat Movie Cast & Crew

Director/Producer/Writer/Music Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Other Producers Sudhanshu Vats, Ajit Andhare
Writer Prakash Kapadia
Cinematography Sudeep Chatterjee
Story Malik Muhammad Jayasi
Movie Production Company Bhansali Productions & Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Distributer (India) Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Distributer (International) Paramount Pictures


Padmavati Movie Box Office Collections

1st Week Collections 166.5 Cr
2nd Week Collections 69.5 Cr
3rd Week Collections 31.7 Cr
4th Week Collections 14.1 Cr
5th Week Collections 7.5 Cr
6th Week Collections 6.98 Cr
7th Week Collections 3.82 Cr
Total Collections In India 300.26 Cr
International Collection 85 Million Dollars
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