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Intro: Standing 5’8″ tall, Parmish Verma is a  Punjabi singer, actor, director and model is winning hearts of everyone since his first debut movie that came out in theatres in 2011, named, “Punjab Bodla”. You would be amazed to know that this multi talented man is 32 years old. In his recent pictures, he looks no older than 25. Well, so true since his exact and accurate date of birth is 3 July 1986.

Parmish Verma has got a really good dressing sense and all his pictures on Instagram actually reveal this fact. He has black eyes matching his perfectly 24*7 “just came out of the salon” hair. Following a daily fixed gym routine, he raised his chest to 43 inches and biceps to 16 inches. His hobbies are singing, acting and listening to music. Parmish loves to travel in his free time, if he gets any. Today, the multitalented artist, Parmish Verma is well known by every third person in the crowd but the success story of this man is barely known by any. Here, in this article, you will read all about Parmish Verma, Parmish Verma family, education, childhood, songs, career, professional life, controversies regarding him(if any) and some facts about Parmish Verma.

Childhood and Education

Parmish Verma completed his schooling from Yadavindra Public School in Patiala, Chandigarh. He was never too good at studies and always scored average marks. Since his childhood, Parmish Verma was keenly interested in acting and always wished to be a part of his father’s acting theatre. At the age of 5, he started taking part in the plays that were played for entertainment in his father’s theatre. Immediately after Parmish’s schooling, he was being sent to Sydney, Australia where he tried to pursue a diploma in Hotel Management but ended up dropping it because of lack of any interest. Parish Verma’s only interest is acting and music since childhood and he claims to like Bohemia’s music and acting of Vin Diesel and VJ Bani.


Parmish Verma is born in a well settled and well educated Punjabi family. The family has Hindu ethnicity. Parmish Verma’s father, Dr. Satish Verma, is a renowned punjabi writer and a professor. So we know where he is linked to the music industry. It’s in his genes. His mother, Paramjeet Verma is of course a housewife. Parmish also has a younger brother named Sukhan Verma and a married elder sister, named, Sherry Rana. Parmish has a pet dog whom he seems to care too much about. Clearly Parmish is a dog and pet lover but when it comes to the ladies, he is not yet seen or rumoured to be with anyone. Parmish Verma’s relationship status is not confirmed at this moment but soon we’ll break the news to you if we get any hint. Right now, either he is keeping it a secret or actually is single. Can’t really tell.


Parmish Verma got fame as a musician/singer in his career with his song Zimmewari Bhukh Te Doori. After this, he created, directed and sung many songs including Ja Ve Ja, Chal Oye, Hummer, Shada, Gaal ni Kadni, Ro Leni Aa, Dil Diyan Gallan, Desi Munda, Kache Pakke Yaar 2, etc. Aadat and Kismat were most trending sad songs of Parmish Verma while Gaal ni Kadni topped the list with 231 million views followed by Aa Le Chak Main Aa Gaya having 130 million views. If you’re into Punjabi songs or have a taste of it then you probably might have listened to this most famous and trending hot Punjabi song, Hostel. Yes, the song is sung by Sharry Maan but here’s what you’re missing, the song is directed by Parmish Verma only. So basically, he’s the man behind the success of most of the Punjabi hit songs.

Career and Professional Life

Since his childhood, Parmish Verma was not at all good in studies, neither was he interested in it. After dropping the Hotel Management course in Sydney, Australia, Parmish joined his father’s acting and play school. He acted over there for some time and then came out in limelight with his debut film, Punjabi Bodla(Punjabi movie). Soon he opened his own production house, Parmish Verma Productions. Since then, he started shooting and directing most of the famous Punjabi song videos. He also tried modeling in a song, Thokda Reha, and immediately got fame. It was the first step to success for Parmish Verma. He again came out in the industry with his next movie, Rockey Mental, which was again a big hit.


Jagbani TV released a video about Parmish Verma titled Parmish Verma Exposed. In this video, Parmish Verma was claimed to have been copying the stories and concepts of other singers. In that video, there were songs of Parmish Verma on one side and the videos of other songs, he was claimed to have been copying concepts of, on the other side.

It was around midnight of April 13, 2018 when Parmish and his friend, Laadi, were returning from a show in Delhi that they got shot by two gangsters. The gangsters tried to kill them but unfortunately missed the shot and the bullets hit the victims on their knees. They were immediately taken and admitted into the Fortis hospital. After recovering from the injuries, Parmish Verma posted a message showing his gratitude towards God and his fans whose prayers seemed to have helped him recover. Soon after the post, a gangster, Dilpreet Singh Dhahan, took all the responsibility of the firing and was arrested. On April 15, 2018, Haryana Police arrested another suspect from Himachal Pradesh. The singer is safe and sound planning his new songs.

Facts about Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma is not too addicted to alcohol but yes, he consumes it.

He had had a hard time staying in Sydney and he had also washed dishes over there.

His song, Zimmewari, is his story of the struggle in Sydney.

He even worked as a gym instructor in Chandigarh to earn a normal living. He always wanted to earn for himself and never depended on his father.

Clearly Parmish Verma is a tattoo addict. His tattoo addiction can be seen on his arms, chest, biceps and shoulders.

Parmish’s name is derived from the combination of his parents’ names, i.e. Paramjeet+Satish= Parmish.

Parmish’s father bought him the fame he enjoys now. We can say this since his first movie Punjab Badola‘s script was written by his father, Paramjeet, only.

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