Pooja Batra, Wiki, Biography, Age, Marriage & Professional Career

The well-known celebrity Pooja Batra is none other than the crowned Femina Miss India International of 1993. She is a very famous actress as well as a good model.

Childhood, Education & Wiki Details

Pooja Batra was born to a well-known family with father Ravi Batra and mother Neelam Batra. Pooja’s father was an army colonel and her mother was a participant of Miss India 1971. No doubt that Pooja had genes from both her mother and father equally. On one hand, she is the award winner of many awards and has achieved so much in her acting as well as modelling career while on the other hand, Pooja used to be a scholar at school and also was an athlete. She took part in 400-500 m long race. This shows the two sides of her as a child. Pooja had the genes of her father in her athletic nature and the genes of her mother that sowed the seed of acting in her.

Pooja Batra lived in Ludhiana when she was a child. All her family members were living and it was a joint Punjabi family. Her schooling was done nicely and then she shifted to Pune to complete her undergraduate degree in economics from the Fergusson College. After the completion of her undergraduate course, Pooja enrolled herself in Symbiosis college in the same city for her master’s degree. She completed her MBA from there. Pooja Batra was very fond of studying and this only added to her knowledge. Her first preference was her education. She kept modelling in the second place of her priority list. Her mother always wanted her to become an actress but her father was quite strict with her since birth. This strictness led her to be a well-educated woman that she is now.


At a very young age, Pooja Batra started modelling. She worked part-time as a model. Her first advertisement was for Liril soap. This got her all the fame and she was well known for the same. She entered the Hindi film industry with her movie Virasat. In that movie, she had a minor role but her acting captivated the hearts of many. All the actresses could see the danger hovering over their career. Pooja Batra had the slayer look.

Pooja Batra had been a good actress but because of some relationship issues, she had to give up on her career and settle in California. There she started social work and won many awards for her performance for human welfare.

Pooja Batra is an active model who shoots for different products and promotes them.

Personal Life

Pooja Batra was one of the most popular and attractive actresses of Bollywood in 19s. When she took entry in the Hindi film industry, all the popular actresses including Madhuri Dixit, Taboo and Juhi Chawla were stunned to see her entry. She was stunning and beautiful. She seemed to take over all the Bollywood queens of that time. Pooja Batra gave films with Sanjay Dutt, Govinda, Anil Kapoor and nonetheless, Akshay Kumar.

Pooja Batra and Akshay Kumar were known to have dated for so long. According to rumours, they were madly in love with each other. Pooja helped Akshay grow in his career. It was all going so well. Even when people wanted them to get separated, they were inseparable. Out of nowhere, the news of the breakup came out. It was a shock for all. Akshay had broken up with Pooja Batra because he had started dating someone else. Not sure if it was Twinkle Khanna. This caused trauma in Pooja’s life and she was heartbroken. The actress immediately got married to an NRI and left India and her career to live in California with her husband.

Pooja got herself indulged into social work. She helped the needy and the poor. Pooja had also helped the unprivileged children around her locality. Moreover, the former actress helped the army men in Kashmir whenever they needed. Such a humble soul.

Even after all the goodness, her husband never gave her any acknowledgement. Pooja was trying hard to make her marriage work but when things got worse after 8 years, the couple got separated. After that, Pooja Batra came back to India and started dating the actor, Nawab Shah. After some time of dating, they both got married on July 4, 2019 according to arya samaj.

Today, Pooja is really happy and keeps posting pictures with her husband Nawab Shah. The couple post pictures where they seem to be newlyweds these days (that they are), Pooja is on a vacation with her husband and recently posted a picture of her in a white bikini. She looked stunning and breathtakingly amazing. Her make-up complemented her hotness. Pooja Batra also posted a picture with her husband where she is wearing a red bikini and Nawab Shah is in his boxers only. The couple seems to be having so much fun.


Pooja Batra was being nominated for 8 awards including Filmfare Awards and Zee Cine Awards. The actress only won one of them. It was a Screen Award for Best Supporting actress. She was being nominated for this award because of her debut Hindi movie Virasat.


Starting her career with Virasat, a movie where she played a supportive character, Pooja Batra got all fame. Her few hit movies are Virasat, Bhai, Haseena Maan Jayegi and Taj Mahal: an epic love story. She appeared in many Tamil and Telugu movies too. In 2004, her movie Taj Mahal was also shown in Cannes Film Festival.


The life of the former actress had been difficult but finally, she is happy and at peace. Talking about her personal choices of life, here are a lesser known facts about Pooja that she accepted during an interview–

  • The actress is an occasional drinker. She says that alcohol calms her down when she’s in problem. Her meaning of occasion isn’t party, it’s a problem.
  • Pooja Batra is 43 years old and a divorce who married actor Nawab Shah in an intimate Arya Samaj wedding. She feels good about it and says that she is happy.
  • She loved to go on vacations so often. Pooja Batra accepted the fact that her life had been all about problems till now and at this point, all she needs is some time with her husband. Seems like their honeymoon is never ending.

There is no update about her life except for the fact that Pooja Batra is on a vacation with her husband Nawab Shah. She shows no reaction towards getting back to acting. Maybe the actress needs some time but we would be all open arms to welcome her once again with the same spark and light in her soul that was found once when she first entered the Hindi film industry. All the best Pooja Batra. We wish you a very happy married life and yes, you made the right choice. The couple looks really good and it seems like they were made for each other. We hope that the honeymoon is over so that Nawab Shah starts on his upcoming movies. After all, we want the best for and from everyone. Once again, good luck for your future.

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