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Rajkummar Rao, the well-known actor and comedian is now a famous personality. Here is the detailed description of the actor including some facts about him that you might not have known till now.

Rajkummar Rao Wiki/Biography

Rajkummar Rao was born on August 31, 1984, in Gurugram. His birth name was Rajkumar Yadav but since he entered the Bollywood industry, he changed it to Rajkummar Rao for some numerological reasons. He was born into a rich family.


Rajkummar completed his schooling from a school in Gurugram named S.N. Siddheshwar Sr. Secondary School. He then acquired his undergraduate degree in bachelor of arts from Delhi University’s college Atma Ram Sanatan Dharm. We know how good DU colleges are at polishing one’s artistic talents. This happened with Rajkummar Rao. He took part repetitively in stage performances, dramas and was an active participant of his college theatre. After graduating from Atma Ram Sanatan Dharm College, he completed a graduate degree from the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune. Soon after getting the degree and having enough skills polished in acting, Rao shifted to Mumbai to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.

Acting Career Details

Initially, he spent one or more year of his career looking for a break but he couldn’t get any. Then through a poster for freshers for Love, $ex and Dhokha, Rajkummar Rao gave his first audition and luckily got selected. The movie revolves around three stories and Rajkummar Rao was given the second one. He performed well in his debut movie but the film was a flop at the box office.

This didn’t affect him much and he continued to give more auditions for his next movies. The very next movie of Rao was Ragini MMS 2 where he played a negative role. The movie was not commercially grossed well at the box office again. Rajkummar Rao had to work really hard this time but to no avail. The film also had some uncensored scenes. He worked in some more films the same year but they all were big failures. Rajkummar actually got in depression at that very moment but then got over it. It was getting difficult for him to get a good film because of his earlier performances.

He then played a supportive role in different movies including Gangs of Wasseypur- Part 2, Chittagong and Talash. Gangs of Wasseypur was a big success while Chityagong failed again. In the third movie, Talash, Rao only had one scene with a few dialogues but then, he performed so well that it became one of his highly grossed and most successful movies.

A good movie of Rao was Kai Po Che. He played a supporting role along with Shashank Singh Rajput. Kai Po Che was a movie based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel ‘The Three Mistakes Of My Life’. It went well in the cinemas but some people found it quite boring.

After that movie, Rajkummar Rao gives one more best performance in Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana opposite Kriti Kharbanda. Rao plays the role of a simple down to earth man who wishes to marry Kriti. Kriti is also a simple girl but has high ambitions. She wants to get a good government job but he to be in-laws refuse that. She runs away from the marriage leaving Rajkummar Rao’s heart shattered. Twist in the plot is when the man turns out to be her senior and tries to take revenge on his family’s humiliation and sufferings. Kriti gets shocked but expects him to come back. The actor refuses so and there goes the planning of the actress. She plots a plan to get him back because she believes that love never dies. Eventually, the movie ends on a happy note where the couple unites and gets married. The most famous song in the movie was ‘Thukra Ke Mera Pyaar’. Rajkummar Rao’s performance was outstanding and left the audience in awe by his perfection.

Then came an epic romantic comedy tail of Rao was Bareilly Ki Barfi. He was playing a character with the audience confused about his role. Initially, he seemed to be the victim of Ayushman Khurana’s plots. Later on, he turns out to be the main villain and then, in the end, he is the man in the supportive role. Clever and beautiful. Rajkummar Rao had performed so well in the movie that it became one of his best works in Bollywood. Bareilly Ki Barfi became the most grossed movie. It is a tale of a simple Bareilly girl, Kriti Sanon, who runs away from her home and reads this book out on her way. She realises that the writer of the book has written her story. Kriti gets curious to know more about the author and starts planning her wedding in her head. The girl comes back home and goes to the bookseller. The bookseller tells the story to Ayushman, who is the author of the book and wrote it for his ex who is almost similar to Kriti. He had published it in the name of his friend, Rajkummar Rao. The two men are in dilemma. The movie is very confusing and full of comedy at scenes. Initially, Ayushman gets Rao to the city to depress Kriti but the vice versa happens. She and her family start liking him. Later on, when Ayushman insults him so much, Rao tells him that he will marry Kriti now. In the end, all the arrangements are made but Kriti wants to marry Ayushman. Turns out that Rajkummar told Kriti everything about the real author of the book and they both had been only playing hide and seek with Ayushman. Things go fine and the couple gets married.

Stree was Rajkummar’s try on horror-comedy. He co-starred opposite Shraddha Kapoor. She wasn’t too good in her act. Rao had given his best but to no avail. The movie was eventually a flop show at the theatres. Horror was lame and the comedy part was good. It made no difference. It was a small budget movie. In the end, the movie bought him a star screen award for Best actor male in 2018.

Mostly the actor has done supportive roles and has done well at that. In some of the movies, he has been into negative roles too but it didn’t suit him much. He is a man of humour and that suits him.

Rajkummar Rao had been a recipient of 6 awards with over 10 nominations.

Recently released movie of Rajkummar Rao is Made in China. It is a comedy movie and I can give spoilers but you better watch out for yourself. Better see with your eyes than reading.

Turram Khan and Ruhi Afza are the upcoming movies of Rao and he is working really hard for them. We wish him luck and give him our best wishes for the same.

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