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Satvik Sankhyan Wiki, Biography, Girlfriend & Career Details

Satvik Sankhyan is one of the cutest tiktokers, actors, models, great content creator  as well as influencers of India. Although he is still not a high-level model or actor because he only wants to pursue his graduation at present but he says that he wants to try acting in future. Although Satvik Sankhyan was already very popular most of his fame is because of aashika bhatia after she spilled the beans on their relationship. Sankhyan is a Punjabi boy with a decent heart. He has endorsed many popular hair style product brands like GatsbyIndia and also the messaging app – HIKE.

satvik sankhayan

Age: 20 Years

Height: 5 Ft 10 inches

Birthday: 30 Aug 1999

Girlfriend: Aashika Bhatia (ex)

Religion: Hindu

Satvik: Family, Education & Wiki

Satvik Sankhyan was born in a middle-class Punjabi family. He never mentions anything about his family on his social media. He rose to fame on his own and is doing his best to keep himself occupied in studies. Satvik completed his graduation from the Chandigarh University. He wants to pursue his studies further and become more educated.

Tik-Tok, Instagram & Likes

Satvik Sankhyan is a popular Tik Tok content creator (Tik Toker) and has a verified Tik Tok account with ID @satviksankhyan with over 2.5 Million Followers and 48 Million Hearts (Likes). He is also very popular on social media platform Instagram, with around 750 K followers on the official account @satviksankhyan. He has around 20 % engagement rate with 1,50,000 likes and 1000 comments / Instagram post. His Instagram account has also seen a steep exponential growth and most likely to cross the 1 Million mark by mid 2020. He is currently utilizing his influencer status by promoting various brands like Gatsby India, Lays India, Flipkart, Oppo mobiles India & Eazy Diner etc. Satvik uses kellans world presets software for editing his videos.

Lifestyle and Hobbies

Satvik says that he likes Shahrukh Khan as an actor and Alia Bhatt and Kajol as actresses. His main aim is to do best in his academics but alongside that he wanted to become a successful model/actor and promoting brands as an influencer is the first step in this regard. He is a really cheerful boy who easily finds his interest in anything, given that his friends are involved with him. Satvik really loves his friends and maintains a good friendly bond with them even now in spite of all the success; this comes handy during his breakup with Ashika Bhatia. Satvik Sankhyan is among the most hard-working content creators and influencers of India.

Satvik Sankhyan Relationships

Last year, the famous child artist, Ashika Bhatia revealed that she was dating Satvik Sankhyan after she broke up with another famous tiktoker Manjul Khattar. The news got spread amongst the youngsters like a forest fire. There seemed to be a discontent amongst his fans with his relationship with Ashika Bhatia and they commented Satvik to maintain distance from her but at that time, he continued with the relationship.

Ashika and Satvik were together called Ashvik. This hashtag was used in all of their Instagram posts and tik tok videos. After some time, the couple got separated. Every fan of the couple, friends and even families wanted them to come together but Satvik and Ashika both were grown apart with each other. Nobody knows why they got separated.

In November 2019, Ashika met Satvik once again and they patched up. Both of them apologized to each other on social media and Ashika also expressed her happiness to news reporters.

Things looked fine until news flashed that the break-up happened again and for better now. It was Ashika’s birthday and Satvik was not invited. Fans were left heartbroken but no one said a thing this time.

Satvik Contact Number

You can easily connect with satvik if you have any kind of Events/Business queries. The contact number Details Are: Celebistaan Media Pvt. Ltd. (Phone No.- 78369 72364)

Latest News & Updates

When Ashika and Satvik broke up for the first time, everyone needed reasons. Both Ashika and Satvik came live on their Instagram profiles a lot many times and discussed the breakup thing indirectly with their fans. Ashika cried as well and said that she doesn’t want anyone coming in the way of her career. Satvik, on the other hand, said that it’s better he does not involve with her anymore.

Recently, when the couple came together again and broke up again, Satvik said a few things on his live video that went viral. Those things were against Ashika. He gave reasons for their breakup and blamed the actress. He said that Ashika was habitual of double dating and this is what she did with Manjul. Satvik also told his fans that after patch up, Ashika apologised to him for cheating on him earlier and still went back to Roshan Gupta. We all could see him at her birthday party so maybe Satvik was right.

What followed with this video was his another video where he apologised for saying these things. Well, nobody knows what had happened to Satvik but he apologised very badly and he was crying. Soon things ended and nobody knows why he actually posted those two videos. We don’t know what was the actual truth. All we know is that they acted childishly and this isn’t the age to fall in love.

Dating and Girlfriends

Currently, Satvik Sankhyan is not dating anyone. He wants to stay single but in his recent videos, we can see him with different girls. He is doing great with his content creations and that is the most he wants to do right now. Satvik says that he wants to complete his graduation first and then he will look forward to his career. There is no place of love in his life. Satvik also says that he would not repeat his mistake. He calls Ashika a mistake of his life.

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