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The well known Bollywood actress and singer, Shraddha Kapoor, is the 32 year old daughter of Shakti Kapoor. She started her career with a brief role in teen patti in 2010. Shraddha continued with acting as the lead character in the teen drama Luv Ka The End. She is beautiful as well as charming with all the required characteristics of an actress.

Shraddha got all the fame from her first Bollywood debut movie with Aditya Roy Kapoor, Aashiqui 2. The movie ruled the box office for more than two months and was one of the big hits. Shraddha mesmerises the audience with her melodious voice and amazingly sung songs that she presented in her movies. We must say, she is a wonderful singer. Not only does she sing well but also surprised us with her smooth and graceful moves in ABCD 2. Most popular songs by Shraddha are Shraddha Kapoor, because of being the daughter of well known Villain role player, Shakti Kapoor, gets a lot of privileges in the industry. This is an undeniable fact and honestly, her acting skills are not that good. She’s okayish when it comes to acting but because she is a multi talented actress, we accept her in the industry. Don’t laugh. It’s a serious thing. After all, a lot of money of the film makers is saved that they could’ve given to the singers. Now that they can buy an actress and singer plus dancer in one place, that too for the cost of an actress, why wouldn’t they? Most of the movies that she did might have been complementarity given to her because damn, the girl is a good singer. Well, not really. But ok. She’s okayish.

Shraddha Kapoor Wiki, Career & Biography

Our dearest Shraddha Kapoor, who entered the Bollywood industry with a blast and gave her first debut firm, Aashiqui 2, has now become a big star without having any basic knowledge of acting. She has done many large budget films including Ek Villain where she dies in the beginning and the movie revolves around her death which was clearly not much appreciated by the audience. She played the role of a street dancer in ABCD 2 and left the audience in awe of her perfect and swift moves. How do you manage to be so multi talented Shraddha? She also played roles is Hyder, Rock On 2, Ok Jaanu(again with Aditya) and Ungli. Baghi was one of her films where she appeared with Actor Tiger Shroff. The film did not earn enough but was a good entertainment. No we’re not suggesting you to watch it ok? Don’t! Like ok if you wish to, you may. No further comments.

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After Aashiqui 2, the next most popular and ‘shaking the box office’ movie of Shraddha Kapoor was Half Girlfriend. The movie was directed on a novel of Chetan Bhagat with the same title. Here, her acting is appreciated at the next level(which was all actually Arjun Kapoor’s effort who clearly changed his looks and did an outstanding job at acting but he doesn’t bother much so she gets the credit) by the audience and we also hear her melodious voice in the songs of the movie. You would love the movie only and only if you haven’t read the book. Most difficult and appreciated role was played by Shraddha in the movie Hasina Parker. We loved this movie and damn, her acting skills were amazing. You wouldn’t recognize the actress as Shraddha in one go. You’ll have to watch the movie again and again to see for yourself if she’s really our beautiful Shraddha. She also appeared in Stree. The horror-comedy movie ruled the cinemas for some time. She acted fine here only because her script was short. Don’t laugh please. Shraddha Kapoor played a good character and showed her language changing skills in Batti Gul Meter Chali where her co-star was Shahid Kapoor. The movie was good and of course we know it was only because of our very dear Shahid Kapoor.

Latest movies

In an interview, Shraddha Kapoor opened up with a list of her upcoming movies. She says that her schedule is too tight to think of anything else, when asked about her close relationship with one of her photographers and family friend, Rohan.

Shraddha opens up about her two upcoming films namely chhichhore and saaho in 2019 and one named street dancer in 2020. Everyone is waiting for her dance moves and Shraddha, we expect you to be better than the last time.

In her next movie, Shraddha Kapoor will be seen with our very own bahubali, yes, talking about Prabhas. Excited? We all are! Shraddha and Prabhas will be acting together in this new movie named Saaho. The film will be released on August 30, 2019 with a budget of 300 crores INR. Saaho, the action-thriller film will be released in three languages, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. The film will mark Prabhas’s debut in Hindi films and that of Shraddha’s in Telugu. Interesting? Now just hold your horses and wait for them to come together with a blast. All the best Shraddha!

Shraddha Kapoor’s Marriage, Boyfriend & Relationship Details

Shraddha Kapoor’s name was earlier linked to her costar Aditya Roy Kapoor. Shraddha Kapoor laughed off this matter. There were also reports that she had an affair with Varun Dhawan, but that was also a lie. A lot of rumors have arisen about Shraddha Kapoor but not a single truth has been proved till date.

Now there are rumours that she is getting married to her photographer Rohan Shrestha. Rumors are flying that Rohan is her boyfriend and they are getting married in 2020. Shraddha Kapoor has appeared with Rohan in many places.

When Shraddha’s father was asked about his daughter’s marriage, he said that Shraddha has no plans of marriage for the next four-five years. Her schedule is very busy for 2 years. When Shraddha’s father Shakti Kapoor was asked about Rohan, he said that Shraddha’s name has been associated with many heroes, but all was rumored. He told that Rohan is the son of his close friend and they are all family friends. Shraddha has no close relationship with Rohan. He said clearly that Shraddha Kapoor is not getting married right now and whenever she does, she will do it at the will of her family.

When Rohan was asked about this, he said that for 9 years he and Shraddha have been very close friends and that he likes Shraddha Kapoor very much but their relationship is only limited to friendship. No one knows what will happen next, and Rohan cleverly switched the topic.

It is still in the news that next year, Shraddha Kapoor is getting married. Now it is not known whether she is getting married to Rohan or anyone else, but her mother has started preparations for marriage.

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