Snowpiercer Season 2, Netflix Release Date, Cast & Plot

Will Snowpiercer TV Series have a season 2? Are Melanie Cavill, Andre Layton and Sean Bean coming back for a second season? These questions are in the mind of every fan of TNT’s post-apocalyptic series titled “Snowpiercer”, ever since the show’s 10 episode debut run in May 2020. Good news is that most of the second season’s shooting is already completed and viewers can get a summer 2021 premiere for the second season.

Release dateMay 2021 (expected)
Episodes 10
Genres Sci-Fi TV, Dystopian fiction, Post-apocalyptic Thriller
Watch online Available on Netflix
Starring Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs & Mickey Sumner
Age rating 18+
Snopiercer Season 2 Release Date

Snowpiercer originally aired on TNT network in United States on May 17, 2020. Netflix has bought the international rights to Snowpiercer. The first two episodes, titled “first, the Weather Changed” and “Prepare to Brace” were made available by Netflix on 25th May 2020, for viewers outside USA, while all the other remaining episodes were released weekly and the season finale concluded on 13th July.


Snowpiercer TV series is an adaptation of Oscar winning director “Bong Joon Ho’s” 2013 movie of same name, starring Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton. The 2013 film was based on the original (volume 1) of the French graphic novel “Le Transperceneige aka The Escape”, by Jacques Lob and Benjamin Legrand.

After Lob’s death in 1990, Legrand continued the story in two more volumes, “L’explorateur aka The Explorers” published in 1999 and “La Traversée aka The Crossing”, published in 2000. 

Writer Oliver Bocquet concluded the Snowpiercer book series with a final 4th volume titled “Terminus”, which was published in 2015. 

In 2019, Eisner nominated writer “Alexis Nolent aka Matz” continues the Snowpiercer saga with a 3 part prequel series, set before the extinction event of the original book.

Le Transperceneige aka The Escape1982
The Explorers1999
The Crossing2000
Snowpiercer Prequel seriesExtinction (part 1)Apocalypse (part 2)Annihilation (part 3)2019 – 

The Netflix series take its inspiration from the volume 1 of the book but the story is completely different from the graphic novels and the 2013 movie. So yes, content wise there’s 4 volumes and 3 prequels, from which the series could take its inspiration.

In May 2020, Titan Comics released a timeline for the viewers to guide them coming aboard the Snowpiercer train. The tweet cites that the TV/Netflix series took place 7 years following the extinction event while the 2013 movie took place 15 years after the extinction event. Hence the events of the Netflix series predate the movie by 8 years.

Venturing into serious dramas, WarnerMedia (TBS, TNT Parent Company) gave an early season 2 renewal to the TV series, in May 2019, ahead of the Season 1 premiere.

Snowpiercer TV series is produced by Tomorrow Studios and CJ Entertainment (who produced the 2013 film). And actress Lena Hall, who played the role of Miss Audrey in the TV series, confirmed that 8 episodes of season 2 were already being filmed, back in March 2020.


Are Melanie Cavill, Andre Layton and Sean Bean coming back for a second season? Absolutely, YES. 49 years old American Actress “Jennifer Connelly”, who played the role of “Melanie Cavill”, American rapper and actor “Daveed Diggs”, who played the role of detective “Andre Layton” and guest appearance by british actor “Sean Bean” as “Mr. Wilford”, the great engineer of Snowpiercer, are going to reprise their roles in the upcoming second season of Snowpiercer. 

Other confirmed cast for Snowpiercer season 2 includes:

Snowpiercer season 2 CastRole
Jennifer ConnellyMelanie Cavill (Series Regular)
Daveed DiggsAndre Layton (Series Regular)
Sean BeanMr. Wilford (Series Regular)
Rowan BlanchardAlexandra Cavill (Series Regular)
Steven OggPike (Series Regular)
Chelsea HarrisSykes (Recurring cast)
Tom LipinskiKevin (Recurring cast)
Sakina JaffreyMrs. Headwood (Recurring cast)
Damian YoungMr. Headwood (Recurring cast)


Snowpiercer Showrunner Graeme Manson hinted in many interviews and twitter questions, where the story of season 2 may be heading. Following Melaine’s secret exposed, Layton’s new found control over Snowpiercer and Sean Bean’s possible attempt to take back Snowpiercer in season 2, its clear that the show will have many confrontations and twists waiting for the viewers along with the subplot diving into the issue of class inequality and moral predicament of human survival.

 With the disclosure of a second (and possibly more) train and many other survivors, the clash between the humans even when the existence of their species hangs by a thread, is going to be a very interesting premises in Snowpiercer season 2. 


Netflix dropped a 30-second promo teaser for Snowpiercer Season 2 on their official Youtube channel. The official trailer for second season is still awaited and we will update this section as soon as it drops.

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