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Tiger Shroff Biography : You all would be really shocked to know that the full name of Tiger Shroff is Jai Hemant Shroff. Yes, the taekwondo expert son of Jackie Shroff and Aayesha Dutt. Undoubtedly the actor is good with his action films but his acting skills lack somewhere. The reason for which he is still working for the Bollywood industry without any critics is that her father is a well-known actor and his mother is a producer. Shroff never dreamt of any other career I it wasn’t acting. Since his birth (March 2, 1990), he only wished to become an actor. Initially, he practised taekwondo then appeared in movies.

Tiger Shroff Career & Wiki

Shroff took his first step in the Bollywood industry with his debut film Heropanti opposite Kriti Sanon. Heropanti is a comedy movie. He got fame with the movie but his girlish looks totally make him look like an actress. Also, Kriti is taller than him so the chemistry didn’t fit fine. Heropanti revolves around a very conservative family who’s elder daughter runs away and everyone else is at the point of the of suspicion. Tiger, along with his friends, is caught by the family because the girl runs away with his friend. Now the friends are in a consed state and almost devastated.

Shroff then meets Kriti and falls in love with her. Kriti is already engaged and knows that in her family, love is a sin. When the family finally finds out about the ran away girl, they shot her with her lover in the middle of a crowded road. Kriti is getting married when Shroff faces off her father and tells him that he loves him. his almost leaving when Kriti’s father stops him and asks him to marry her. The couple gets married but the movie made no sense. In one case, the father kills his daughter for the same for which he agrees for another daughter. Although the movie wasn’t too good, Tiger for all acknowledgement.


Baaghi was his first acting work. Shroff was cast opposite Shraddha Kapoor. The couple falls in love and then the girl is sold by her father, Sunil Grover to a rich businessman for money. He kidnaps Shraddha and here comes Tiger Shroff with his action and required actions for a reunion. The movie works in a flashback of Tiger and Shraddha falling in love at the railway station and their meetings. Shraddha also shows her action in the movie. Cham Cham is a good song of the movie but the fake rain spoiled it all for the viewers. Had the director waited a bit for the real rain, there wouldn’t have been such an issue of disliking for the song. His next movie was Baaghi 2. It was again his action work. Tiger shows off his body and action in the movie. The movie works in allegory where Tiger is cast opposite Disha Patani (Paatni). Some parts of the movie are sadly romantic.

Tiger Shroff falls in love with the girl in college time. Everything is fine until the girl’s father is admitted in hospital due to some chronic disease and is about to die when he wants her to marry someone else. Tiger Shroff gets into the army and lives his life in solitude. All of a sudden, his ex-lover reached out to him and narrates him all the story. She also tells him that her daughter is kidnapped and she needs help to save her. When Shroff looks out for the little girl, he finds out that there was no baby girl at all. Disha was lying all along due to her mental conditions. Later on, when she commits suicide, Tiger realises that she wasn’t lying at all. He goes out to look for the girl. Turns out that the baby girl was being kidnapped by her own father who knew that the child belonged to Tiger Shroff. The scene is emotional. Tiger takes care of his child and mourns the death of his ex-lover. The plot is good and Tiger’s action is clearly appreciable but what nobody liked about the movie is the death of the actress in the first half.


A flying jatt was a good movie with an outstanding plot. The movie casts Tiger Shroff and Jaquelin Fernandez. There is a guest appearance of Shraddha Kapoor too. A flying jatt is a family comedy movie with some serious concerns regarding pollution. Tiger very beautifully explains the future of the country and why littering shout be stopped immediately. He plays the fictional character of a flying jatt who saves the city from a monster formed out of collected garbage and trash. The monster wants to cut down the trees and flying just stops him from doing so. Surely the plot looks stupid but the concept was good. Student of The Year 2 was a successful movie of Tiger Shroff. The movie although had some unacceptable facts and truths but because it was directed by Karan Johar, it was a hit. Student of The Year 2 is good work and Tiger Shroff plays a poor character. This movie is a love triangle. The upcoming movie of Tiger Shroff in Baaghi 3. Now, who’s gonna say that Baaghi series isn’t good? Surely it had to be otherwise the third party wouldn’t have been requested or demanded so much.


Other than movies, Tiger also worked for different music albums. His works include Chal Wahan Jaate Hain, Zindgi Aa Raha Hu Main, Befikra, Get Ready To Move, Are You Coming and Har Ghoont Mein Swag Hai. Tiger Shroff is very well aware of his dancing skills. He sure is a boon to Jackie. In his music videos, Tiger dances his heart out and all his moves are as graceful and smooth as anything.

Tiger Shroff’s choice of movies is good but he rarely appears in movies. Although his music albums are way better than his movies, we still expect him to do well in the industry like his father. One of Tiger’s hobbies or we can say Addiction is gymming. He is crazy about his body and it’s shown by his biceps and packs. For s fact, he helped Aamir get a great body for Dhoom Machale 3.

Tiger Shroff is a black belt in taekwondo. This is why he focuses on showcasing his skills in his movies. After his completion of schooling, he started practising the taekwondo and won the belt. Later on he came to the industry.

Relationship And Girlfriend

Tiger Shroff is currently dating Disha Patani and this confirmation of the news came out recently. The couple roams around so freely and it feels good to see them together. Disha is a good choice. Hopefully, the relationship will go a long way and Tiger and Disha will make it forever.

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